My Commute

Last night I made a thousand plans, but this morning I went my old way.
~ Chinese Proverb

OK, I know this is not about food but I thought I have a break and blog about something I love to do very much — biking. Well, many of you already know that I am leaving Best Buy. It’s been a long six years and my last day at work is next week. Today is about the only day I could bike to work and so I thought I make a change and blog about my commute to work. My new place of work will be further and worse, I will have to navigate two killer hills. I guess it’ll be a while before I get the chance to bike again.


I took it easy and stopped at various points to take pictures. Here is what my commute was like:

IMG_2573.1I started off at 7am, much later than my usual commute. I mean, I am no longer in a hurry to get to work early. I always enjoyed this short part of the commute … the South Arm Park.
_MG_2588The snow fell at the North Shore mountains again the past weeks. I find this is the beautiful side of Vancouver and am always awed by the mountains, particularly in winter.
IMG_2585_edited-1.1I looked east while biking along Garden City and saw the silhouette of Mount Baker. I tried to catch it on camera but the clouds obscured it somewhat. Anyway, the sun rise was beautiful. It’s a beautiful day for a ride.
IMG_2586_edited-1.1I cross over to Vancouver thru the Oak St Bridge. Heavy traffic over the bridge as usual but there’s an advantage on this stretch on a bike.
_MG_2597_edited-1Once in Vancouver, it’s on the Kent Bike Route all the way to the office in Burnaby. I will miss this route having travelled countless times and do seem to know every part of the route.
_MG_2605_edited-1I stopped by the Fraser River side and saw someone working on a log boom. As I took the picture, I saw the pilot stared at me. I quickly put away the camera and biked on.
_MG_2608_edited-1I normally don’t bike on this trail and stay on the asphalt. For today, I thought I take the more scenic route. I like this way because I get to greet people along the way. This is the friendly route.
_MG_2612_edited-1.1Ah, spent 6 years in this company. Saw it grew from strength to strength and today we have no peers in North America. Great people from who I learnt so much.
_MG_2616_edited-1.1Back to the desk. See that piece of pita? Well, it’s Suanne’s creation. I’ll tell you about it next time.

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  1. J Yap

    I see the blank space too. Try this – Here is what my commute was like:(BR)(BR) but change ( ) to

  2. Jonathan Murray

    Regarding the blank space – I looked at the segment source and noticed about 30 {br} (can’t do HTML in comment, so assume the {} are >) tags – that’s a line break if you don’t know, the equivilent of pressing “enter” over and over again.Congrats on your new job – wish mine was within bicycling distance.

  3. Ben

    Hi John and Jonathan:Oh gee … thanks for checking it out. I learnt something new today.

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