All-You-Can-Eat Sushi in Top Gun Sushi

Updated 17th Jan 2011: This restaurant had been closed according to

A glutton is never satisfied.
~ Namibian Proverb

It’s been a while since we had sushi and the boys wanted sushi for lunch too. Suanne also wanted to try the Top Gun Sushi I went to a few weeks ago. So, we made our way to the Top Gun Sushi at the New West Quay.


The all-you-can-eat is more expensive on the weekends. It costs about $11 for adults and $7 for kids age 6-9. He he he … the waiters thought the boys were below 9 years and we kept quiet … don’t ask, don’t tell, right?

All-you-can-eat Shashimi is $2 extra for adults. Arkensen can just eat shashimi alone. We ordered 28 pieces in all. The pieces are small but rather fresh.


Suanne started off with cold noodles from the salad bar. I don’t know what that means when Suanne said they were “refreshing”. 🙂 It’s had a bit of lemon and is sourish.


I scooped some fried noodles from the salad bar too. They do look nice and I especially like it that they are not greasy.


We also ordered a lot of nigiri’s. We ordered a few of each types. At the background (kind of blurred) was the fried smelt. They don’t look good but tastes great.


Suanne’s favourite is the motoyaki. She had quite of few of the salmon motoyaki and oyster motoyaki’s.


We ordered the beef teriyaki and ginger pork. It would have been better if they are served with rice. Eating them alone does not seem right. We also ordered the grilled salmon belly and cheek.


And finally, tofu and fried chicken wings.


I am full … no dinner tonight.

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  1. vasilisa

    Oh my, that looks good! absolutely love sushi 🙂

  2. Myo Thwe Lin

    Such a great luck, ate such good food and saved some money (for the boys)

  3. kaY

    yummieeeeeeeeeeeee….i love sushi >D

  4. John

    Dude. $11 for a sushi buffet like that!? I’ve gotta get me to Vancouver. Here in Calgary, you’d need at least $20 for a decent sushi buffet.

  5. Peter

    This place is awesome; I’m there at least once a week. If you go for lunch make sure you add the extra $3 for the maguro & sake sashimi (comes up to $20 with tip and a pop), it’s $5 extra for supper but you get a tonne of variety of sashimi’s like saba, tako, toro, ebi, & ika. For the dinner it’ll cost you less than $30 (with tip and a pop) which is unbelievably cheap for sushi of this quality and portion size, not to mention Top Gun’s service is exceptional; prompt both in taking your order and the time it takes for it to be prepared (the pda system the have helps in those efforts), the staff are courteous in making sure you are satisfied frequently throughout your visit. Get there early if you can (lunch starts at 11:30 AM, supper at 3 PM) because even though they have a very large seating capacity (accommodative for reserving for a group) with its spectacular view of the busy Fraser River they fill up fast. My only complaint is that the tea is always lukewarm, and if that’s the worse I got, Top Gun will stay high on my recommendations list.

  6. Lizzie

    Wow, you guys don’t know how lucky you are… In London, all you can eat sushi is at least $35 and you don’t get that much choice 🙁

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