Springtime Colors

Spring is my favourite season. After the drab and cold winter, it’s always great to see colours springing up everywhere. This is certainly a great time to whisk out the camera and do some photography. Here are some pictures I took just outside our home this afternoon. Enjoy!



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IMG_4190_edited-1 IMG_4194_edited-1
IMG_4196_edited-1 IMG_4198_edited-1
IMG_4199_edited-1 IMG_4200_edited-1
IMG_4201_edited-1 IMG_4205_edited-1

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  1. Anna

    I love spring too. Everything is starting to turn green. Flowers will have to wait about month yet. I can’t wait. I love taking pictures of flowers. You have a nice blog here

  2. Karen Rani

    What beautiful imagery! Spring is definitely in the air!

  3. Ben

    Hi Steve, Anna, Nicolarrg, Karen and Rosa. Thanks for the feedback. I love photography but could not find enough time doing it as often as I wanted. Can’t wait for my retirement in +20 yrs! 🙂

  4. Marie

    You’ve captured these flowers at their prime of beauty in a season we can all agree is the most glorious. Well done ben a most visually spectacular display of life and colour!

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