Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley, WA

OK, this is not about food again but I just can’t resist posting more photo shots I made today. Feel kind of guilty hijacking Suanne’s blog for my pix … aaaanyway …

We made our way across the border today into Washington state and visited the Tulip Festival at the Skagit Valley. Skagit Valley has been hosting the Tulip Festival every April for the past 23 years and is about 50 miles from the Canada-US border. Here are some of my favourite shots – hope you enjoy it.


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IMG_4338_edited-1 IMG_4337_edited-1
IMG_4346_edited-1 IMG_4336_edited-1
IMG_4332 copy IMG_4328_edited-1
IMG_4323_edited-1 IMG_4320_edited-1
IMG_4310_edited-1 IMG_4307_edited-1

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  1. Gidget Bones

    I love tulips, the pics are beautiful! I bet you had a wonderful time! I’m jealous! No tulip festivals in Florida!

  2. Moo

    oooh so pretty and I love the little daffy that made it’s way in at the end there! (found you through blogmad) xxx

  3. Ben

    Hi Gidget Bones, Moo and Christopher:
    I sure did had a great time but I do know the others with me were rather impatient waiting for me. They don’t understand why good shots needed time! 🙂 What I liked yesterday was the fact that it rained just before I reached the farms. So, most of the flowers had waterdrops on them.

  4. polly

    Hi Ben,

    Next year when I become citizen, make sure u invite me for the tulips trip, I love tulips!!! My last recall memory was way back 1994, me and Vincent seeing the tulips garden at Holland. Anyway, nice shots!!!

  5. Ben

    OK, Polly … pat geen pat sarn! 🙂 BTW, thanks for the feedback.

  6. B

    Wow, you took some really beautiful photos!

  7. Tania

    I came here for the food, but I must comment on the flowers! Gorgeous tulips!

  8. Ben

    Thank you B, Tania and Blueyes!

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