Ice Cool Sports Drink

We normally don’t buy such Asian drinks. I mean, I am always unsure of what goes into making these colourful and too-nice-smell-to-be-true kind of drinks. When we went to the Smart-N-Save store in the Lansdowne Mall, Vincent told us we simply must try this out. It’s called Ice Cool Sports Drinks.


Each bottle costs $1.50. The markings on the bottle said that it’s a sports drink with “meal fibre” with a slogan “drink to feel it”. From the outside, it seems like just another pinkish clear drink. However, when we drink it, there were a lot of gelatin — we can’t see it but it’s there.


You know, I won’t call this a sports drink at any rate. I would however describe this as a fun drink. The kids will like it and is great for outdoor parties.

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  1. the daily phosdex

    Of course, let’s not forget that Japanese sports drink called “Pocari Sweat” (and yet you have to wonder what exactly “Pocari Sweat” means….)

  2. Ben

    Wow, never heard of Pocari Sweat before but just checked it out on the net … I’ll look out for it. The description is pretty funny!

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