Hershey ‘n’ More

This must be another new Hershey chocolates. I have heard of S’Mores but have never come across ‘n’ More. Bought this pack of three for just 97 cents and decided to give that a try. We have been somewhat intrigued by Hersheys since we first posted about the Hershey’s Sticks in April.

We told ourselves that we’ll add that place to our must-see-place-before-we-die list.


Hershey ‘n’ More is basically a chocolate coated cookie bar. From the outside, it seems like a solid bar of chocolate. It does look very inviting.


On top of the cookie is a layer of creamy fudge. There is a distinct rich chocolatey taste to both the chocolate coating and the choc fudge. The downside of this is that this cookie bar is small and so does not really help if you want to stave off hunger pangs. It’s a fun snack, that’s what it is.


Our boys like this and I am sure the kids in your family will like it too. Try it … it’s just 97 cents.

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  1. MrAl

    Your blog is like porn for hungry people. It’s really nice. I’ll bookmark it and read up on it later.

  2. Ben

    Hi Al: He he he … I like the expression. Hope you visit often. Suanne and I try to blog everyday. Do you have a blog?

  3. MrAl

    Yep. Though I don’t talk about food though.

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