Minstrels are chocolate buttons with a hard glazed shell sold in the United Kingdom. It’s pretty much like M&Ms and Smarties. Ben brought some home after his London trip this summer. They are indeed very much different from the types that we have ever come across. They are much richer and chocolatey.

Ever since then, we had been scouring them all around the Lower Mainland but could not find any. When my sister visited England in Fall, I took the opportunity to get her to buy some for us. At the same time, Ben also visited Malaysia. So this batch of Minstrels, went virtually around the world. From London to Malaysia and then to Vancouver.


Minstrels are like a larger version of M&Ms and its a chocolate candy. They don’t come in other colours other than chocolate.


For us, the best way to enjoy this is let the outer candy melt in our mouth down to the chocolate core. The chocolate core is unbelievably rich. M&Ms really pale in comparison to this. We just simply love this.


Ben also found them selling in Singapore Changi Airport.

Have you tried this? Do your country sell this at all? Anyway, Ben will be in Washington state later on this week and he’ll try and see if they sell it there.

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  1. Fiona

    How different are these than Smarties?

  2. Anonymous

    My country sells these! Only, I live in England…

    I’m actually from Australia though, and I think you can get them there…

    There has to be some kind of store that sells them? For instance, in London, there’s this place called The Australia Shop, which sells stuff you may not usually be able to find…

  3. Sue

    No, I haven’t had them before. I don’t think we sell them in Korea, though I’d love to tastes some in Australia in couple of months. (if the person who wrote a comment above me is right):)

  4. bleep!

    i don’t know if they’d have it.. but the british home in steveston sells loads of different food products from the uk. you could check it out.

  5. she

    Check for a local British importer. I’ve found them in Edmonton, Toronto and Niagara on the Lake. You should be able to find them in Vancouver as well. If not, shoot me an email and I’ll get you the site information for the shop in Niagara – they ship anywhere in Canada.

    Only downside is the price…

  6. iportion

    Those look good. I wish they sold more candy from the UK in the US.

  7. Andaliman

    Do you think I’m able to find it in Winnipeg?

  8. Suanne

    Hi Fiona, in my opinion, Minstrels is more chocolaty than M&Ms and less waxy.

    Hi Andaliman, I do not know if you can get it in Winnipeg but you can go to the site referred by Chubbypanda.

    Hi Chubbypanda, thanks for site.

    Hi bleep, thanks for the tips, will check out the British Home.

  9. peew

    I love Minstrels too! They were my “exam-candies” (years ago)!

    You see, I have to munch on something during my exams to maintain blood sugar level (yeah right), kill hunger pangs (that’s why chocolate’s the best), keep up the energy, fill up on brain food and generally to chew on something besides my fingernails!!

    I found Minstrels to be the best because apart from being marvelicious, they were the perfect size! Not too big like a choc bar which can be messy to eat & not too small like M&Ms so I don’t have to be reaching for a choc every other minute and best of all, they fit snuggly into one of those Smarties choc tubes so that I can fit the choc-tube-full-of-Minstrels snuggly in my pencilcase!! They’re great!!

  10. she

    It’s been a few years since I lived in Winnipeg, but there used to be a British Import shop on Ness (intersection with Whitewhold if I recall correctly) that did have Minstrels. Last time I was there was in March of 2003. No idea if the store is still open ;(

  11. Anonymous

    Canadians can purchase them online at http://www.scottishloft.com/

    Not sure how their prices compare to the US site referenced above.

  12. The Savoury

    I sell Minstrels and other Galaxy chocolates in my British Isles store called The Savoury here in Waterloo, Ontario. I would be happy to ship them anywhere in Canada to fulfil all of your cravings!

  13. crimsonangel

    I’m eating some right now!! they’re yummy!! better than smarties! but only come in well chocolate flavour.

    (i live in the uk btw) you could try like british stores or just stock up when you visit somewhere them! my uncle lives in california so when he comes here he stocks up on cheese and english mustard and marmite and stuff 🙂

  14. crimsonangel

    oh also have you tried revels? they’re similar but with lots of different flavour stuff like orange and nut and coffee (and they have maltesers and minstrels mixed in) its cool 🙂

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