Atlanta Trip Report: Olde Mill Steakhouse

Updated: 20th Jan 2015; This restaurant is closed according to

Tonight I had to eat alone. Rob wanted to hit the mall for some Christmas shopping and I really did not want to go shopping. Moreover, I wanted to just have a quick dinner and for once get back to the hotel early and relax.

So for dinner, I decided to take a longer walk a block away. I came up to this place called the Olde Mill Steakhouse. The place looked like a good old fashion steakhouse and the car park was full of cars. I figured that I won’t go wrong with this place.

Walking in, I saw some signs that says that they serve aged and handcut beef. They are supposed to be better and more flavourful right? I still can’t taste the difference between these gourmet beef and normal beef.

For a change, I decided to order an appetizer even though I know it’s probably too much food for me. Anyway, I got their Seafood Sampler which costs $12.99. The Seafood Sampler consists of Fried Shrimp, Crab Cake and Fried Calamari.


The Fried Shrimp was awesome. The shrimp flesh was plump and was lightly battered.


Then there was the Crab Cake. It is made of Louisiana Blue Crab and served with roasted red pepper sauce.


After the appetizers, it was the House Salad. No big deal here but the vegetables were fresh though.


Next came the Sourdough Bread and butter served on a wooden platter with a knife menacingly stabbed right up the middle. Pretty big piece too for one person. It was freshly baked. I just love warm bread with melted butter. Frankly I was pretty full already without the main course being served yet.


I know I should have ordered steak at this place — it’s what they specialize in but I think I had enough of beef for the past two nights. I opted for Seafood instead and ordered their Redfish Lousianne. This costs $18.99.


This is basically a fillet of Redfish lightly sauteed and topped with Sauteed Shrimp. This is also smothered in Olde Mill’s House Special Etouffee Sauce. The dish is served with Rice Pilaf and Brocolli.


For the first time in Atlanta, I had the waiter come by asking about my camera. I have no doubt that the flash that keeps popping up attracted everyone’s attention especially how the tables was setup. What I had with me was not exactly a point-and-shoot camera. He was OK with me taking the pictures but he did remark that most people come in here to just to eat their food. 🙂

Food-wise it was great. There were a lot of food though for one person. I’ll be back the next trip to Atlanta for the steak.

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  1. mojo shivers

    Those pictures make the food look good, but what the Halifax are you doing ordering seafood at a steakhouse?

    That’s akin to sacrilege.

  2. Chubbypanda

    Mmmmm… Seafoood… I’ll take it over steak any day.

    – Chubbypanda

  3. tigerfish

    A few times when I took out my camera when dining, it attracted suspicious “killing” stares. I had to put the camera bac in my bag. I thought with food bloggers around, it should have been a common sight to them.

  4. BuddingCook

    oops. 😉 thanks for risking it for us. the pictures look great! 🙂

  5. chris

    That looks pretty tasty, although I would have preferred a steak for the entree’!

  6. Ben

    Hi Mojo Shivers and Chris: Yeah, come to think of it, I should have ordered steak instead. I wasn’t thinking at all then. I’ll be back the next month — next time, it’s gonna be their steak!

    Hi Tigerfish and BuddingCook: I am used to that and really don’t care for killer stares. If anyone does not want me to take pictures (of the food I am going to pay for), I only need to know why it’s a problem and I’ll respectfully put the camera away. No amount of stare would make me stop! 🙂

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