San Francisco Vacation: Golden Gate Bridge

Got up really early in the morning on our last day in SF. We wanted to get an early start and get to Reno with lots of time to spare. We took a slight detour to Lombard Street, yes again. We walked up and down the crooked street but we (actually I) just gotta have the kick of DRIVING down Lombard St. For a change there were hardly anybody there … no hoards of tourists, no line up of cars waiting to driving down this famous street.


You know, for that few days in SF we had never seen the Golden Gate Bridge. I know now what they mean when people say that SF is always foggy. It had been foggy everyday we were there and it’s the Golden Gate Bridge had always been shrouded in fog.

Anyway, you gotta pay toll to use the bridge but only for city bound. It’s free for outbound traffic.


It was my last chance to take a picture of the bridge and I thought that this would be the best shot I would get.


Well, well … the fog just suddenly cleared by the time we got to the north end of the Bridge. We turned off the Vista Point and … lo and behold …


… the Golden Gate Bridge … well, half of it.

When it was built in the 1930s. this was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Of all the suspension bridges in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge is perhaps the most famous of all … and certainly the most photographed.


Six lanes in all … which makes it twice as large as Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge. For comparison, the Golden Gate ranks #6 longest in the world … Lions Gate is #68! You know what is the most distinguishing feature of this bridge? It’s the red colour.


That ends our SF adventure. We had a great time and came away impressed with SF as a city. Oh yeah, it’s a city I could live in alright. We’re moving on to Reno for the last leg of our summer vacation.

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  1. Chubbypanda

    The second to last picture is awesome. I think it’s my favorite so far.

  2. Jennifer

    I flew over San Francisco twice, going to San Jose and going back to Seattle! It’s absolutely beautiful at night from the sky!

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