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bestof604logo1Hey All:

I wanted to say thanks to all who had voted for Chowtimes in the Best Food Website category during the Best of 604 contest last week.

With such a large field of entrants, we were glad we came in in third place. We had no idea there were so many food related websites in the Metro Vancouver area — many good ones we had never heard of before. Some of the stronger food blogs were not on the nomination list, otherwise the competition would have been keener.

The folks who did not make the nomination list but is on my daily read is definitely worth the mention. Here they are:

  • I’m Only Here For The Food: Kim Ho, a young and prolific food blogger focusing on dining out. He blogs everyday!
  • Doesn’t Tazte Like Chicken: ET and Christina are real foodies and enjoys good fine food.
  • Eat, Sleep, Dream Food: We enjoy reading the musings from this pair of mysterious bloggers. OK, they travel around the world but I think their base is Vancouver.
  • Soy and Pepper: She has the best food pictures in the 604 area. You will definitely love her pictures.
  • Eat, Snap, Repeat: Some of the best restaurant reviews and to places we normally go to.
  • Sea Salt With Food: We admired her cooking and wish we eat like her family does everyday.
  • Vancouver Slop: Matt is a bit of controversial but he’s funny.
  • Noshwell: They have a very simple site and makes it easy reading.

The winning and runner up food website are two I had never heard of before. Coming in first is The Well-Tempered Chocolatier with the runner-up going to Farmstead Wines. Check out the two websites.

Suanne and I are just glad that there some who cared enough to follow chowtimes and voted for us. This makes all the work (yeah, WORK!) worthwhile. We had gained so much personally writing this blog and had often been deeply encouraged by the feedback and support.

As bloggers, we know how much your comments and support meant. So, could I suggest that you take some time and check out those blogs and leave a few words on their blog? I know they will all like it … that I am very sure!

Ben and Suanne

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  1. Nilmandra

    Congrats on the award! And thanks for the link 🙂 I didn’t even know there’s a Best of 604 award. I’ll check out the other 604 blogs that you listed too. Cheers!

  2. Passionate Eater

    You are the best blog in my eyes! Keep up the good work Ben and Suanne!

  3. Sofei


  4. KimHo

    What, not first? Recount, recount!!!!

  5. Matt

    Good job guys, congrats.

  6. Holly

    Great job guys.

    Really enjoy your blog.

    Thanks for some interesting links.

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