This Is Why You Are Fat …

Ho ho ho … a friend at work fowarded me this link.  It’s about food and so I think I should share with you all.  Click on the image below and enjoy!

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  1. kaylee

    That site is insane! I’ve been following it for a month or two now, and some of the food they put on there is so fattening and greasy I don’t think I would want to eat more than a bite or two.

    There’s definitely a thing as too much.

  2. Elaine

    Heyyy Ben and Suanne, I figured it would be faster just asking you guys, what do you think is the best AYCE place in Richmond? Been recently introduced to your site and just going through all posts but there are way too much AYCE restaurants that you guys have been to and I keep forgetting LMAO. Thanks!

  3. MammaViv

    I had to stop after Pg3. Couldn’t continue…….. 🙁

  4. Elaine

    Thanks for the recommendation =)
    As I was reading through the blog entries I realized Suanne has a passion for cheesecake just like me! How come you guys haven’t blogged about Cheesecake Etc!? That’s like a must go for cheesecake lovers >___< and also may I suggest the cheesecake that’s sold at Costco! It’s only $20 ish for like 16 pieces I believe, greattt deal, nothing beats the Costco cheesecake!!! And Yavis Club! Their cheesecake is not EXTRAORDINARY but they have quite an unique selection and a great atmosphere!

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