Barcelona: Breakfast at Danone

7th day in Barcelona.

It was our last day in this city.  We had a plane to catch to Seville (or Sevilla in Spanish) in the late afternoon.


We saw Danone the day before when we were at Dia-gonal for breakfast.  It was a restaurant that looked very different from those we had been to so far.


We found out that this place is the first and only Danone retail outlet.  And we were quite surprised to learn that while Danone today is a French company, it actually was originally founded in Barcelona.  That was 90 years ago.  The name Danone is a Catalan name for Daniel and is named after the son of the founder.


In this showcase outlet, there is a small section that showcased Danone’s history and products.

I guess most of you would know of Danone’s brand names.  They are big on yogurts with Activia is a common brand of yogurt in Canada.  We always have Activia in our fridge at home.  Other famous Danone product is Evian.  


The Danone store has breakfast specials.  I guess it was not particularly popular because we were the only one there for breakfast.  Mind you, the eating area is quite spacious.


Suanne opted for their €4.50 Combo of Ham and Cheese Mini Sandwich.  The sandwich tasted a bit too dry.  It was just alright but nothing to wow about.


The combo included Cafe Con Leche … and …


… and a glass of Orange Juice.


I tried the Regular sized Vege and Cheese Sandwhich.  I only got the sandwich which costs €3.  Again it was just OK.


Since mine was not a combo I had to order the Cafe Con Leche separately at €1.30.

The good part about Danone is that it is super clean.  Really … it does not measure up to the many traditional breakfast places we had.

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