Weekend Musings (June 26th, 2010)

I guess I dropped the ball yesterday.

It is one of the rare days we did not post anything for the day. We had been focused on other things. You know, like things that normal people do everyday — like doing nothing. It is great to come home from work and then just laze around doing nothing and then later on going out to dinner without taking along the camera. LOL!

8GTCC Cantonese

LotusRapper and Joe had been throwing a few ideas around the plans for the 8GTCC Cantonese. As it stands now, 8GTCC Cantonese will be doing a double dinner. On separate days, of course.

The two dinners will cover both ends of the broad spectrum of the Cantonese cuisine. For the “home-style” dinner, the Canto-Boys have up their sleeve a dinner centered around a famous regional dish which I don’t think you will easily find in Metro Vancouver. I am embargoed by them to reveal anything but I can tell you I am all excited over it. If I mention the name, some of you will know what it is as I am sure you had seen this rare-ish dish at one time or another on TV. I can almost be certain that when that dish is placed on the table, everyone will “oo and ah” over it. It will be a sight to behold … and it will bring out the beast in you. LOL!

Then there will be another dinner covering the “lavish” side of the Cantonese cuisine. No, the Canto-Boys are not looking at doing one of those 10-course Chinese wedding-style banquet. They are thinking outside the box and it will be something out of the ordinary. It will be a bit more difficult to pull through but I am sure this will be an experience that not many of you had the chance to try.

Anyway, the target dates for these two dinners will be in mid-July and late-July. Stay tuned for more info. I will let you know as they are available … or when the Canto-Boys allow me to tell you more.

Dinosaur Legs

Did you guys see these pictures making the rounds on the internet?




The story behind these dinosaur meat is this …

this is a crazy effort by BOSCH to promote VitaFresh, their new line of refrigeration appliances.

Bosch introduced a number of dinosaurs meat alongside other products in the freezers of supermarkets. They looked authentic and even came with price tags and all, suggesting that even after thousands of years that meat was still fresh and ready to eat. The packages even contained QR Codes for those who are curious (you can even scan it from the video below at 1:06!).

Source: http://www.ypsilon2.com/blog/publicidade/bosch-e-as-carnes-de-dinossauros-em-prateleiras-de-supermercados/

Check out the video below:

McDonalds Ice Cream

Last but not least, here is also another interesting video from McDonalds Korea. You got to watch the 3-part commercial in sequence.

Enjoy. Have a good weekend.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Musings (June 26th, 2010)

  1. Dude if someone told me sabertooth tiger was delicious, I’d eat the hell out of some prehistoric endangered jungle cat.

  2. I’ve been there Ben. Don’t burn out! We need you! LOL. You might need to do a cleanse. Eat nothing but Kraft Dinner for a week to recharge.

      • 🙂 Thanks a lot for the support JS, fmed and LotusRapper. You are right guys. Time to take time off and do something I enjoy … like eating without the camera along and sharing the plate of salted fish fried rice with my boys. LOL!

  3. Ben said: “It is great to come home from work and then just laze around doing nothing and then later on going out to dinner without taking along the camera. LOL!”

    Do this, Ben:

    LOL !

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