Burger Burger on 6th Street, New Westminster

Updated: 2nd Nov 2014: This restaurant is closed according to Urbanspoon.com

Nanzaro was happy when I told him that we are not going out for Asian food for a change and asked him what he wants to eat. The instant reply was “gourmet burger”.

He loves burgers. He used to love sushi. Twice a week he will call me at work just to ask me to bring something back for him. It used to be sushi, in particular, spicy tuna roll AND California roll. Nothing else, he doesn’t want any fancy rolls … just spicy tuna roll AND California roll. Oh … he is so fussy with his sushi. We must make sure that the wasabi and ginger does not get packed along with the sushi. He will refuse to eat the rolls if it is contaminated with “wasabi” or ginger.

And then for the last three months, he doesn’t want sushi anymore. Now he is always asking me to bring home a Big Mac … and it must be a combo. The drinks must be a medium Coke with no ice and the fries must be a large one. He is a creature of habit.

Gourmet Burger? So I brought him to a place I heard a lot of. A lot of people liked it but I did not know much else about it. For some reason, I thought Burger Burger is a “gourmet burger” restaurant just like Splitz Grill or Burger Etc.


I was rather taken aback when we arrived at Burger Burger. Suanne and I was looking at one another rather puzzled and for a split moment we were wondering if we should just go somewhere else. The place did look beat up and was not particularly tidy.

No, it wasn’t a problem with me. It is just that I went with one expectation and did not expect to find Burger Burger to be a hole-in-the-wall. For some (odd?) reason, I was thinking that this is gonna be like Burger Etc.


The inside were rather untidy. Sorry, I am just telling it as I find it. There were papers and magazines strewn on some tables. There were some left over burger baskets and drink cans uncollected. The windows were stained with finger prints and oily marks — more so because this is a burger place where people eat greasy burgers with their fingers. The plastic Coca-Cola clock on the wall was chipped. The floor is a bit sticky too.

It is truly a burger shack in every sense of the word.

The place is not really big with about 7 small tables that seat two. I like the chairs. It is so retro. I don’t think you can find these kind of chairs these days.

So much for not wanting to go to an Asian place. Apparently, Burger Burger is owned and operated by a Korean couple. They are really friendly people especially when I was so undecided on what I wanted.


Click on the image above if you find it hard to read the menu. We pretty much focused on the Burgers section and ignored the rest of the menu. It doesn’t do justice to get anything else but burger in a place called Burger Burger.

They have all sorts of burgers including Bulgogi, Teriyaki, Salmon, and BBQ Beef Bun.

Besides what is on the board above, they also have combos which included fries and a drink.


Nanzaro decided really quickly. He immediately said he wanted the Burger Special Combo A. I was curious why he chose that when I don’t think he knows what is in it. You know his answer is? He said anything with “A” is better … just like AAA beef is better. *shrug*

This is really cheap. It is only $5.69 and it included a drink and fries too. The Korean lady told me that this is their … best selling item.

This is a bacon and cheese burger.


For me, I eventually decided to get their most expensive burger called the combo burger. The Korean lady was telling me that this one has a lot more stuff in it — the meat patty, hot dog, ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce and onions.

I only got the 4oz version ($5). The 6oz version is $6. This does not include drinks and fries, which I ordered separately.


This is a really big burger. I was sitting there for a while trying to decide how greasy I want to get my hands. I know it is going to be a mess especially when they did not wrap this up so that it holds the burger together better. I am one of those people who makes everything fall off the other side no matter how I eat a burger. The only way I salvage this is to cup the burger with my hands and get it all greasy.

I was looking at a family sitting next to us. They looked so pro. They managed to flatten the burger down to 1/3 of its natural height! I was already half way done when I saw that. Next time I’ll eat it their way.


If you ask me, the bun makes or breaks the burger. I hate dry and hard buns. But the buns in Burger Burger is good. It is soft and they even lightly toasted it … and so nicely mayo’d too (or was it mustard’d?)


The patty was not moist. Looking at it, I think they make the patties themselves. I am not sure but they are not round and too irregular. It is thin but big … so big that it is bigger than the circumference of the bun.


Oh yeah, look at the baby. Taste wise it is nothing out of the ordinary. This is just plain good old tasty burger — soft buns, crisp veggies, lots of meat and cheese.

This is a very satisfying burger.

You know I think I know what is their secret. After the meal, I felt thirsty. I think their secret ingredient is a liberal dose of MSG. I am quite certain they have MSG in their burgers.

My main complain … they ran out of soap in the washroom (which is in a sorry state as expected). The two soap dispensers were broken … so were the two paper towel dispensers. Oh … I have greasy hands.


We love their fries. They have skin on it and thinner than normal. So that makes it doubly crispy, only some of them, I must say.


Suanne opted for the Beef Dip which is $6.29.


This is beautifully made but quite unlike the ones we had before. The most glaring difference is the thickness of the beef slices. Just take a look at it above. Not only that, there were a LOT of beef in it.

Like the burgers, the bun here is equally soft. I like the bun here better because it is toasted to a crisp and it is also sesame’d.

Actually, this sandwich is quite oily … no, this is very oily. And so it makes it moist. We did not even think the dip is necessary as it is good eaten on its own.

The whole meal came to about $24 including tips. Suanne thought it was too expensive for burgers but I don’t think so. She just doesn’t appreciate burgers.

So I asked Nanzaro if this “gourmet burger” is better or if McDonalds Big Mac is better. He said it is a tie. When I asked him why, he said “Because.”

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  1. Corsica

    Aww… you are a good dad letting your kids choose what they want to eat. My parents used to tell me “Just eat what I give you and shut up.”

    1. LotusRapper

      “There are lots of starving kids in the world with nothing to eat. So finish your food !” [how many people heard their parents say that]

      Ben I was a 99% convert to go to Burger Burger when I read “MSG” and stopped ! I can tolerate MSG but the less the better. Do you think it’s in the beef dip sandwich too ?

      Good review, Ben. Makes it feel like I’m right there.

  2. Wils

    Does “Five Guys Burger and Fries” count as gourmet? They just opened one up in Bellingham near the Fred Meyer off of exit 258 at the end of March, and it’s YUMMY. I think there is one just off of Hwy 99 that is opening soon [other location would be PARK ROYAL in West Van that is already open]:

    Grandview Corners Shopping Center
    2285 160th Street, Unit F8&F9
    Surrey, BC V3S 9N6
    Tel: 604-531-7829
    Fax: 604-531-7830

    You can get an order form off their website (www.fiveguys.com) and fax it in so it’ll be ready. All toppings are “included” in the price.

    FYI, if you look at the menu from their website, the LITTLE versions are single patty versons. Free peanuts in shell while you wait for your order at the restaurant. Their fries remind me of New York Fries….and they have CAJUN for some spicy kick.

    1. LotusRapper

      Some of the best burgers I’ve had (and remember) were from local greasy spoon diners, many of them Chinese-Canadian. The now-defunct Molly’s Cafe on Columbia and W.2nd had to-die-for burgers. The Normandy on S. Granville, and Risty’s in Marpole were two more that comes to mind.

      1. LotusRapper

        The Tomahawk Grill (N. Shore), Hamburger Mary’s (Davie) and Burger Heaven (New West) are all good.

        1. LotusRapper

          Argh, forgot to mention (but haven’t been yet) the re-incarnated Wally’s, now in Champlain area, supposedly is above-average and still drawing the crowds in.

          1. Ben

            Wow, you sure like burgers don’t you, LotusRapper?

          2. Azalea

            i agree with LotusRapper..
            Ben, try Burger Heaven in New West..
            their poutine is pretty good – not too greasy.
            Also try their Swiss Cheese n Mushroom burger [w/ Teriyaki sauce]. It’s wicked!!

          3. Ben

            Hi Azalea: Alright. I’ll try that Swiss Cheese n Mushroom burger on your behest. It’s not too far away from my office and it also looks like it is not too far away from a Skytrain station too. Ben

    2. Ben

      Hi Wils: Impressive. Five Guys Burgers and Fries plans to open 200 outlets this year. That is a really aggressive growth. I would like to check it out someday. North Van is a bit too far for me … do you know when the Surrey location is opening? Ben

  3. Pinoy Gourmet

    You have to try the Tomahawk,Its iconic with history going back to the 1920 s and it has an impressive Aboriginal art collection.Their burgers are really good,How else do you think they survived this long.Well worth the trip even for just the ambiance

  4. LotusRapper

    “Wow, you sure like burgers don’t you, LotusRapper?”

    @ Ben: I like a good simple burger, as if I made it with TLC myself, grilled it to perfection, etc.

    I don’t actually go out on burger missions per se (LOL), but over the years the good memorable burgers/venues stick out from the rest. Having said that it’s been many moons since I was last at Tomahawk, so a revisit may be in order 🙂

    BTW: if anyone has ever watched Heston Blumenthal (UK TV show: “In Search of Perfection”) make his perfect burger, it would seem all else would pale by comparison. But then again, most people would starve to death just waiting for him to actually get to the finished product !

    A good watch:




    1. The burger episode was actually not that insane. The height of lunacy was the Black Forest Gateau.

      1. LotusRapper

        Yes, perhaps. But burgers are street food, Joe Average food (or is that “Chuck” Average food)

  5. Crispy Lechon

    Ben, if you and your son have a hankering for good burgers you should try Romer’s in Kits. I havent been there but folks from Chowhound (JS and Greyelf) have been and they like it.


    1. “Gourmet” aka “more expensive” burgers: Romer’s Burger Bar, Moderne Burger. I’ve had very good burgers at Hamilton Street Grill. The burgers, depending on the toppings you’ve chosen, run anywhere from 9 to 15 dollars.

      I don’t know the price point for them, but there’s NIMBY Burgers in Kitsilano too that’s supposedly good.

  6. Sedap Makan

    I work in New West and do stop by at Burger Burger from time to time. It is a greasy spoon in every sense of the word. Best burger I ever had? No. Best burger deal for under 6 bucks? Maybe. Compared to McD’s or any of the other fast foods I would rather support the small family restaurant and it tastes better. They are very friendly and will customize to your liking – I like be fries quite crispy and they always put them a little longer for me.

    I used to go to Burger Heaven and it was good and reasonable. It is probably still better than Burger Burger but it is going to cost you more than double and the service is terrible.

    Splitz and Modern Burger have been my latest favorites and Vera’s in gas town is good. Not sure why the Vera’s are inconsistant location to location.

    Hamilton Street is on my to do list along with Refuel.

  7. LotusRapper

    There’s always the venerable Red Onion in Kerrisdale. Been there for 20+ years. Fresh patties from fresh beef, made by hand. Hand-cut fries to order. Good hot dogs. Great kosher pickle. Killer milkshakes (you know, the real ones made with ice cream and milk) and pecan pie (a la mode of course). Excellent salads and quiche too. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve been a satisfied customer there since 1988 🙂

  8. HM

    I love Moderne Burger & their shakes!

  9. Wils

    Ben: according to official five guys Twitter, opeining planned within 3wks. But expect some growing pains with rookies. http://mobile.twitter.com/Five_Guys/statuses/19367703243

    I didn’t know the Bellingham one opened without a post on their official Facebook page too. Aggressive growth but so nummies.

    I hadn’t been to red onion in years and returned there last year and it just wasn’t the same as ten years ago. Still darn good but I guess my palate may have developed (or devastated by spicy foods?)

  10. Wils

    Surrey Five Guys opened yesterday! Go Ben go! 😉

    1. Ben

      Oh yeah? They are opened now? Good! Excuse me while I pen this on the calendar. Ben

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