Weekend Musings: To Think That KFCs Double Down Is Bad For You

Hey all, good morning!

Have you tried the KFCs Double Down Yet?

Arkensen and Nanzaro was waiting for that day when it was going to be available in Canada for the first time. I think it was just the last Monday. While I promised them I will bring them to try it but I was just simply too busy at work that I did not do that. Monday past … Tuesday past … and then when I got home on Wednesday, equally as tired, they gave up on me and went on their own to try it.


My boys are fast food junkies. They like these kind of food and can have fast food everyday if we allow them to. So I thought that they will come back and tell me that they love it.

Instead, Arkensen said it was horrible. He said that it was way too salty. It was so salty that he could not even taste the cheese and bacon. That pretty much sums up every feedback I had heard from people I know.

I just cannot understand why this was made so salty. There has got to be an explanation for it because KFC knows about this. Strange.

No, I have not tried it. Would I try it? Oh yeah, I will. I just like to find out for my own self how salty is salty. 🙂

So I did some digging and found an excellent … chart from this source:


So what is the fuss with the KFC Double Down Sandwich? It is certainly none the worse compared to the worst out there. If you take a closer look, the Wendys Triple Baconator even has more fat (alone!) than the fat, sodium and cholesterol combined!


Not to be outdone, Carls Jr has the Foot Long Cheeseburger. Think about it for a minute. This monster has three patties in it and it costs just $4!


So what is Burger King gonna do? Certainly they will not stand back and watch. They had to get down low and dirty and play the same game. They came up with a Pizza Burger. He he he … FOUR Whopper patties topped with pepperoni, mozzarella, marinara sauce and Tuscan pesto … on a 9.5 inch sesame see bun.


In the same fashion of KFC, Friendlys lodged a hamburger between TWO grilled cheese sandwiches.

It is a good thing that these are not available (yet!) in Canada. But for those of you who absolutely cannot wait and wants to harden your arteries right now. You can try this at home (source here).



Here is a weekend project for you. This should be easy to do at home. Just go to McDonalds and get two Double Cheeseburgers, some McNuggets and a Super Sized fries. I think $15 can pretty much cover all that.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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  1. wata

    I’ve tried it, it is salty! Mind you the chicken is good, I believe the salt taste comes from the cheese. Without the cheese and the bacon, this would have been a hit (mind you that would have just been 2 pieces of fried chicken LOL).

    I actually tried one with 2 other friends, so we each only had 1/3 of it, and we were all fully grossed out by it. I had to drown myself in water after that. So you might want to bring a jug of water with you when you try this out, just a thought.

  2. souggy

    Am I the only one who DOESN’T find it salty? Or have I been eating too much pickled foodstuff?

  3. Melissa

    My stomach went woozy after looking at the last few photos HAH!

    1. Ben

      OMG, a MEAT CAKE. That is absolutely brilliant. 🙂 Ben

      1. LotusRapper

        I must say, it was quite creative, yet simple and elegant.

        I make a pretty mean meatloaf with a recipe (thank you, Martha) that I customized for myself. The ketchup & mustard powder glaze, with some shards of rosemary, really get folks licking their chops. And the sandwiches the next day, oh man ……. I use ciabatta and grill ’em in my Cuisinart. Mmmmm.

  4. Buddha Girl

    LOL! McD’s special pizza is amazing! Good one! LOL!!!

  5. ChubbyChick

    Having forced down two gigantic burgers (White Spot 1 thumb up, Red Robin BOO.) and batches of fries in the past 15 hours I believe I’ve passed my quota for fat/salt/cholesterol allowance this weekend. Is it REALLY salty? Then it’s probably not my thing… :S

  6. Chubbypanda

    I don’t usually get nauseous when I read your blog, but dang Ben! 😀

      1. LotusRapper

        Sorry, some [bleep] language in the video

      2. Ben

        Wow, it is THAT bad. Maybe those guys are just wimps. Have you tried that before LR?

        1. LotusRapper

          Yes …….

        2. souggy

          I had it, but it was served to me instead of direct from a can. You’re supposes to fillet the herrings and soak them in fresh water to rinse off the salt then fry it– serve with potatoes or as a sandwich. I like it… a bit cheesy in flavour though.

          But compared to these German lads (English subtitles), the people in the video Lotus posted are wimps:


          Now, mind you… I never had it direct from a can with the guts and all.

      3. Chubbypanda

        I’ve been trying to get it. Also want to try the fermented shark. Problem is, they’re illegal to get in the US. The surstromming is for sure…

        If you can get us some, we can have a party the next time I’m up in BC. That will probably be next May. 😀

        1. grayelf

          LR, I’m pretty sure my SO tried that stuff in Sweden when he was there. Maybe you can compare notes at the next Chowdown you come too :-).

          1. LotusRapper

            @ GE & CP: I’m in no hurry to try surstromming again. Nor trying to recall the experience in detail. Not in this life anyway. LOL

  7. agingteen

    I love the picture of the whopper burger!

  8. Shirl

    You got to remember the KFC Double Down was created for the US market. They can handle the saltiness. I went on a group tour once and it was all older Americans. The food was included but it was so salty for some dishes but I saw them ADDING extra salt on the foods!

    Did you know that US and Canadian versions of junk food can differ like chocolate for instance? And that certain ones we cannot get here? It can be regional differences that can support a market for certain junk foods.

    There’s a pizza place I think in Surrey that serves poutine on top of pizza! I’d be curious for a review on that! Sorry I don’t remember the name as I have no intention of eating that!

  9. Maxmillan

    I’m on a no dairy, no sugar, no white flour, no fat, no fried, no salt regimen and these pictures almost made me lose it! But thanks for those delicious pictures.

    1. Ben

      LOL. You did it wrong … what in earth is that lettuce and tomato doing there? You see, the double down is so full of the good thing that there is no room for the bun, let alone the tomato and lettuce. Sorry to say that yours failed. 😉 Ben

        1. LotusRapper

          I knew someone who liked eating two Big Macs, but didn’t want the 6 layers of buns, so he made his own “double Big Mac” by taking the contents of one and putting them in the other one, lettuce, Big Mac sauce and all.

          IIRC there was a double Big Mac that McD actually sold, true ? Maybe my ex-friend was just a visionary.

          1. Eric

            If I’m not mistaken, there was at one point a Triple BigMac

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