The Top Vancouver Area Food Blog of February 2011

Alright. Here is the latest leaderboard of the Top Vancouver Area Food Blog for February 2011. We cull these info from the chowtimes blogroll. There was quite a bit of work initially setting the process up. Once setup, it is providing a wealth of info of the state of food blogs in Vancouver. I find it amazing how one thing led to another from the blogroll.


The use of the blogroll had steadily increased. It used to hover just above 300 pageviews per day. Since the last two weeks, it went above 400 pageviews. It shows us that people do actually find it useful.

We were thinking of how many people actually attributed to these pageviews. Unless everyone puts up their hands to be counted, we can only guess. Let’s do that shall we? We know there are about 727 food related posts generated by vancouver blogs last month and that makes it 727 / 28 days = 26 blog posts a day (LOL! That’s A LOT isn’t it?)

Assuming that whoever uses the blogroll reads everything out there, we are looking at at least 16 people using the blogroll. But I know it is more than that. I think it should be way above 30 people. It would be great if blogroll users stick their hands up and be counted by leaving a comment.

In January we had 121 blogs on the blogroll. In February, the number of blogs that writes about restaurants in Vancouver has increased by another 14 websites  to 135. Isn’t it such a staggering number?


The above is the comparison between January and February of how frequent bloggers publish a post.

The blue bar represents the blogs that … has at least one post per day. Of course this tells only the number of posts per day and does not say much about the length of the blog. The reason I call this out is because Follow Me Foodie’s posts are the most verbose and detail but almost nearly qualify in the “At Least Once a Day” club.

So yeah, don’t read too much into these. I am putting this up just for fun and hope it appeals to the interest of food blog followers.

The level of activity did rise. The increase of the green bar (“At least once a week”) and decrease of the purple bar (“At least once a month”) does suggest that less frequent bloggers are blogging more frequently.

Anyway … here is the Top 5 most frequent Vancouver area food blogs for February 2011:

February 2011 January 2011
Screenshot-Food-For-Buddha #1
37 posts
Food for Buddha
Screenshot-Foodology #1
45 posts
Screenshot-Foodology #2
35 posts
Screenshot-Food-For-Buddha #2
37 posts
Food for Buddha
Screenshot-Shermans-Food-Adventures #3
28 posts
Sherman’s Food Adventures
Screenshot-Follow-Me-Foodie #3
31 posts
Follow Me Foodie
Blog-Word-of-Mouth #4
26 posts
Word of Mouth
Screenshot-Shermans-Food-Adventures #4
30 posts
Sherman’s Food Adventures
Screenshot-Follow-Me-Foodie #5
23 posts
Follow Me Foodie
Screenshot-Vancouver-Street-Eats #5
30 posts
Vancouver Street Eats

BTW, can you leave me a feedback on whether you find this type of posts interesting? If it is, I will try to continue to write analysis like these each month.

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  1. Crispy Lechon

    Im a frequent user of the blog roll. I’ll have to do an actual count but I figure I refresh it at least 10 times a day.

  2. joyluckclub

    Hi Ben,
    I use your blog roll at least a couple of time per day…..

  3. Crispy Lechon

    Congrats to BG and BB for being the top blogger for Feb.

    1. Buddha Girl

      Thanks you Crispy!!! **hug**
      I think more than half of our posts are repeated visits…hehehe!

      Thank you to all who support us!!! **hug**

      Thank you Chowtimes (Ben & Suanne) for repeated referrals in many of their posts!!! **hug**

      Ok…now…back to eating. **munching on some popcorn twists**

  4. whiners

    hi Ben,

    I use the blogroll probably 5,6 times a day~ it’s so useful~

  5. thomas

    Hi Ben,

    Your blogroll is an excellent resource I use daily. Really appreciate your website. 🙂

  6. Peter Holbrook

    Hey guys, I view blog roll a couple times a day,
    I like seeing my posts up at the top aha.
    I think it’s a great way to follow different blogs

  7. Buddha Girl

    WOW! You can do this with WordPress? Cool!!!

    The blogroll made it easy for me to browse through the blogs too!

    Thanks Ben and Suanne!

    1. Ben

      Hi Buddha Girl: Good job with all the posts in February. Keep it up! 🙂 Ben

  8. 604munchies

    Hey Ben! 🙂

    I also visit the blogroll page at least 5 times a day(or more during work) lol! 🙂

  9. Jacqueline

    Hi Ben,
    I use your blogroll maybe 2-3 times a day. It’s extremely useful. Thanks for putting it together!

  10. Andy

    Hi Ben

    Quantity isn’t everything for a blog. Better written posts are much more interesting to read. To be honest, I read about half of your posts, just skipping the recipes…

    I get my feed using Google Reader and have all 5 subscribed however, the next button is used a lot for the #1 and #2. #3, I don’t go to many of those places so I read less than I did before. #4 and #5 have quite original content so I tend to read most of them.

    But I’m grateful to all that take the time to write, keep it up.

  11. Joan

    Thank you so much for the Blog roll. I read it every day as I eat my lunch. I am so thankful for all your efforts at making Chowtimes such a great community and community resource. My only wish was that I lived in Vancouver 🙂

  12. Becca

    I’m not a heavy user of the Blog Roll ( I like to use urbanspoon to read reviews and I’ll subscribe via RSS if I like them). I’ve only used it a couple of times to explore the food blog realm. However I love to read the stats behind the blog roll! I never knew the vancouver food blog scene was so huge! The frequency of blog posts is pretty amazing too. I realized I’ve subscribed to the more frequent posters, meaning there’s still 85% of the blogs I’m not even aware of. I’m thinking of creating my own food blog so the blog roll is helping me figure out a niche.

    1. Ben

      Hi Becca: Seems like you got to a right start (find your own niche). With so many blogs out there, it is important that we find an unique angle to write about. Trying to do what everyone is doing is just not going to cut it. I look forward to the day when you have your own blog. You gotta let me know! Ben

  13. grayelf

    I use your blogroll a few times a week. I set up Google reader which took ages but I haven’t had time to learn how to use it properly. Your blogroll couldn’t be easier to use, once you realize you need to open each post in a new window so the list doesn’t have to repopulate for each view :-).

  14. Jean

    Wow, I just have respect for food bloggers. How do you folks stay healthy with all that food?? To review?

    I just write occasionally on my blog. My focus is not food at all. I just like reading good blogs about food.

  15. Jean

    Which google analytics plug-in that you use for I don’t work with coding /CSS style sheets so I’d rather deal with a super reliable, clean fast plug-in for 3.1

    1. Ben

      Hi Jean: I use the plugin called Google Analyticator. Here is the link. Ben

      1. Jean

        Thanks. There’s quite a number of .org SEO analyzer plug-ins to choose

  16. WS

    Vancouver Street Eats food blog has been shut down just over 2 days ago. What did James & Amy say in full in final posting at their food blog(something along the lines of “Our time at has come to an end. Amy & myself are moving on to…’)?

    1. Ben

      Hi WS: I have no idea. Word has it that James and Amy were unhappy how things were done. Ben

      1. WS

        Vancouver Street Eats blog is back, but someone else has taken it over from James? That’s my sense, from checking out the site fully for first time ever last night(not sure all their content from past 8 months there is back online). You posted the one response to a new blog post at Vancouver Street Eats, since they came back.

        1. Ben

          Hi WS: I am not entirely sure but that could be the case. Since they are up, your best bet is to ask them on their site. I think the domain is the same but the site is different. IIRC it used to be on WordPress and now it is on Posterous.

        2. Kevin

          Seems as if the site got bought out from them.

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