Anyone Likes a FREE Alaskan King Crab Dinner?

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Some of the best things in life is free … agree?

I know this is controversial but I had decided to proceed with the plan. If some of you recall in this post, I proposed a wild suggestion which I call a win-win-win proposal. Seeing so many restaurants put up ads in the papers announcing their Alaskan King Crab offering, I thought it they could instead take part of the advertising budget and use it for the benefit of chowtimes readers. I suggested that it go into treating chowtimes readers a dinner, a FREE Alaskan King Crab dinner.

Like I said, it is a controversial plan and I will explain it at the bottom of this post. Right now, I want to get to the action part!


The plan is to be a win-win-win situation where:

  • A win for the restaurant
  • A win for the lucky chowtimes readers
  • A win for chowtimes

A restaurant did actually respond. It turns out that it was a restaurant that Suanne and I know quite well too. So, with that the plan is a go!

This is how we are going to do it …


The Alaskan King Crab dinner will be hosted by the Golden Great Wall Restaurant. It will be a full dinner centered around the largest Alaskan King Crab that they can find. The details of the menu will be finalized over the next few days but what is certain is that it will be a AKC made three ways.

The beauty of this is that it will FREE. The Golden Great Wall Restaurant will be giving readers of chowtimes a table of ten. With Suanne and I taking up two seats, there will be eight seats available. Here are the details:

  • Date: Sunday, March 13th
  • Time: 5:30 PM
  • Restaurant: Golden Great Wall
  • Address: 705 West Broadway, Vancouver

When I did the draw for the $100 gift card for Lumiere, there were 261 entries. I think the demand for this dinner will be at least equally as high. So we will make available double seats for FOUR lucky people (i.e. each winning person will get two seats).

You can enter the contest via commenting on chowtimes or in Twitter … or both together to enhance your chances. Here are the instructions:

  • Leave a comment on this post. If you can’t think of anything to say, just say “Thank you, Golden Great Wall!”
  • One comment per household please. We will select only ONE comment from duplicate IP sources for the draw.
  • Our Twitter page is on
  • Our twitter account is @chowtimes
  • You have to be a follower of @chowtimes
  • You have to tweet “Just entered to win a free Alaskan King Crab Dinner for two. Just follow @chowtimes and retweet. Details″

The results of the contest will be announced sometime on Thursday, March 10th.

It goes without saying, this is opened to only people who can make it to the dinner. If you can’t come or you live outside of Vancouver, it will waste your time if you enter.


Why, Chowtimes, Why?

The answer is … “because”.

  • BECAUSE I think chowtimes with the good following we had, we can pull this off.
  • BECAUSE not many people can do it and I want to do it.
  • BECAUSE many chowtimes readers will benefit from this.

But seriously, I know I need to address the controversial aspects of this win-win-win plan.

Suanne and I realizes that chowtimes has a good following because of who we are and we also know that it is important to many people that chowtimes does not change. I want to say that chowtimes will NOT change. The whole thing of chowtimes reaching out to restaurants, I know, does not sink in well with some.

We are doing this because I wanted to see if i can pull this off. I am curious if this sort of wild idea can ever work and I had never seen it done yet.

I thought that this is inline with our policy to not take any freebies for ourselves. Instead, we had always asked for these to be given to our readers when offered. As some of the regular followers know, we had been doing this regularly with:

  • McDonalds: where we asked for lots of coupons to distribute when we were only offered some for our own consumption. Example: Angus Burger, Buttermilk Biscuits.
  • Mamak Cafe: where we declined to a free meal but instead proposed Mamak Cafe gives 50 people a discounted Malaysian feast.
  • Asian Bistro: Ready to Eat meals which we gave it to the readers who attended the Luda dinner.
  • Bo Laksa King: where we help distributed coupons to help Bo promote his new location.
  • There are more here if you want to check the list of all of the freebies we had given away to benefit chowtimes readers.

Yeah, I think the controversy around this is because that this time it is chowtimes that reached out to the restaurant where previously it was the restaurant who contacted us. We apologize if by doing so, we had let you down. We did not think of it in that way when we proposed the win-win-win plan but I think you are right.

Still, I will continue with this plan purely from the experimental standpoint and I don’t want to “take back the sand” (“sook sar” in Cantonese). You can be sure that we will be extra careful doing so in the future … not that we think it is wrong to do as long as our intention is only for chowtimes readers.

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  1. Becky

    Very cool contest! My stomach is growling already! 🙂

  2. Anita

    FIRST!! HAHAH Thank you Golden Great Wall! AKC season!

  3. Jacqueline

    This is awesome! Thanks Ben and Suanne for coming up with such great ideas. And thank you Golden Great Wall 🙂

  4. Eric

    You did it! So excited 🙂

  5. joyluckclub

    Yea sure, throw my hat into the ring.
    Thank you Golden Great Wall!

  6. Trish

    That’s awesome and sounds exciting! Count me in!! Thank you Golden Great Wall! 🙂

  7. Andrew

    I think this is an amazing opportunity that you guys are bringing forward and like that you’re sharing this with fellow foodies. Your blog has been inspirational and an ongoing delight to read for me (I’ve started my own recently to share my love for food its still in the initial stage). I also think that you have done a great job identifying what you’re known for and your values and reconfirming them.

    I would love to go with you guys to something like this in the future but won’t be able to make it this Sunday. Have a great event and let’s meet up for a food outing in the future!

  8. Sandra M.

    Thank you, Golden Great Wall! … and Ben and Suanne!!!!

  9. lynn

    Thank you Golden Great Wall!Cant wait for the dinner! lol

  10. Joan

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! I will be in Vancouver that night of the 13th. Staying in Kits! Thank you Golden Great Wall for providing AKC to people who will surely enjoy it!

  11. Zoe

    Me! Crossing my fingers! Thank you Ben & Suanne & Golden Great Wall!

  12. Soo SEn Lee

    Thanks Chowtime for Organizing this and
    “Thank you Golden Great Wall!!!”

  13. Thomas

    Thank you, Golden Great Wall!
    Thank you Ben & Suanne for celebrating AKC season this way with your readers.

  14. Vivian

    up for alaskian crab anytime 🙂 thx ben and susanne!!
    “Thank you, Golden Great Wall!”

  15. Anthony

    Oh so excited, thank you Golden Great Wall! hehe

  16. Vivian

    “Thank you, Golden Great Wall!”

    You are both so generous! Thanks for giving us this opportunity…

  17. Chris

    Thank you Golden Great Wall and Ben and Suanne!

  18. Crispy Lechon

    Thank you Doug of Golden Great Wall and Thank You Ben for this opportunity.

  19. Kwuum

    Thank you, Golden Great Wall! ^_____^

  20. Dolphiny

    Thank you, Ben and Suanne for always think of your readers. And thank you Golden Great Wall for the offering!! This is going to be an exciting event~

  21. Charlene

    You guys are awesome!!!
    Thank you, Golden Great Wall!

  22. mona

    I have been wanting to try this special King Crab! Pls pick me!

  23. Rachel

    Thank you, Chow Times and Golden Great Wall!

  24. JYeo

    Yes we are coming!!!

  25. Crispy Lechon

    BTW, Ben, will this be a random draw or do I have to change my name to Canpy Lechon? LOL.

  26. Ryan

    “Thank you, Golden Great Wall!” & thank you Ben & Suanne for coming up with the idea and organizing!

  27. Dinah

    What an amazing opportunity! Thank you, Golden Great Wall and Chow Times!

  28. Beth

    I am an old faithful and tend to stick to the same restaurant for a AKC meal, btw price has gone up to 17-19$ per lb & HST for this season, perhaps this try-out at Golden Great Wall will change my mind…lol.

    “Thank you, Golden Great Wall!”

  29. Peter L.

    Would luv the opportunity to meet you both…and a free king crab dinner sounds good, too :o) Thank you Great Golden Wall!

  30. Mars

    “Thank you, Golden Great Wall!” AKC is the best!

  31. Angela W

    Thank you, Ben, Suanne and OF COURSE, Golden Great Wall!

  32. Erick

    Thank you so much!! Chow Times and Golden Great Wall! Please give me a chance to join the dinner! I haven’t had Alaskan King crab for 10 years now..!!

  33. Moira

    Thank you, Great Wall!

  34. Dee

    You’re very considerate thinking about the integrity of your blog by taking this offer, but I see it as a way to offer your readers something they may have never experienced before. I hope your readers can see that too!

    Anyway, thought I’d throw my name in and see what happens!


  35. Emily

    Awesome!!!! Thank you Ben and Suanne!!! See u there!!!!

  36. Lo

    Oooh, definitely interested – and, thank you, Golden Great Wall!

  37. Ryan

    Brilliant idea for all involved ~~ it’s a great way for the Golden Great Wall to get some word-of-mouth advertising!

    Thanks Golden Great Wall!

    Thanks Chowtimes!

  38. HM

    So proud of you & Suanne for pulling off this controversial event. I knew you could do it if you want to do it! I won’t enter for the draw since we’ll be having our own AKC event so that other Chowtimes followers can have a better chance to savor this delicacy.
    Good luck to who ever wins!

  39. Jenny

    Thank you, Golden Great Wall and of course CHOWTIMES

  40. Joyce

    Thank you, Golden Great Wall!

  41. Marcia

    This sounds great.

    Thank you Great Wall!

  42. Diana

    Thank you, Golden Great Wall!

  43. Deborah

    Keep up the good work guys! Love reading your food blogs.

  44. Winnie

    Good to see this going! Have a great dinner and report back soon! I am also at the planning stage of a AKC dinner with my friends. Well, but that’s not free.

  45. Ellick

    This looks good! Thank You Golden Great Wall!

  46. Joanie


    Been a fan of your site for a few years now. Even if I don’t get picked…will most definately come up for some great AKC!! Thank you Ben for getting this pulled together. ~Seattle

  47. Eric Y

    Woohoo, garlic breath here I come. Special thanks to Golden Great Wall, and Chowtimes for pulling this draw together. Seats for two please 😉

  48. Dorothy

    Great idea! Thanks Chow Times and Golden Great Wall!

  49. Mark

    Thank you, Golden Great Wall!

  50. Shirley

    I love your blog! Thank you Ben, Suanne and Golden Great Wall. It’s the first time I have entered into a similar contest. I hope my name gets drawn as we never have enough people to tackle an Alaskan King Crab 🙂

  51. wyn

    Did the AKC on Saturday March 12 fall through? If so, I’d like to be entered in this contest. I only require one seat so – bonus? – you can draw another single?

    Thank you Chow Times and Golden Great Wall!

    1. Ben

      Hi Wyn: Did you not receive my email yesterday about the Saturday event? This means … Saturday paid AKC event … Sunday free AKC event. Ben

      1. wyn

        Hi Ben, I didn’t receive the email yesterday. You can re-send to the GMail account I filled in here. I hope I’m allowed to enter to enter the draw and give up my Saturday seat in the (very unlikely) chance I win??

        1. Ben

          Resent, Wyn. Could you check and let me know if you got that? Ben

  52. Parvin

    Thanks God.
    Thank you, Golden Great Wall!
    Thank you Ben & Suanne for celebrating AKC season this way with your readers. Very good idea.

  53. wally e

    You have did a great job

  54. Mango

    Thank You Golden Great Wall! I hope I win!

  55. Shmoo

    Hi Ben,

    I can see that you are trying to walk a tricky line here, but I respect that you would be doing so for good intentions. I think the tricky part will be trying to be as fair as possible when blogging about a sponsored event where you have shared the same benefit provided to the readers.

    What might be trickiest about this is the difference between integrity (which I trust that you will bring to the exercise) and “perceived integrity”. Some readers will be naturally uncomfortable with the underlying conflict of interest. Especially if the restaurant manages to put on a flawless occasion, there will be a natural suspicion when reading the blog entry if it is especially positive.

    So yeah, I wish you well in navigating the complexities of the win-win-win proposition.

    Meanwhile, now that I read today’s post properly, I will follow the proper method of entering your AKC draw!

    “Thank you (and smart advertising) Golden Great Wall.” 🙂

    1. Ben

      I know, Shmoo. Whatever it is, people will just have to accept me for who I am, warts and all. Hope you win but aren’t you also planning a AKC dinner for Sunday? 🙂 Ben

  56. Miss Kathy

    My boyfriend is extremely allergic to crab so I rarely have the opportunity to enjoy it. It would be great to enjoy this seasonal treat with other enthusiasts.

    1. Winnie

      Hi Kathy,
      It’s the same for me. My boyfriend is allergic to both shrimp and crab. 🙁

  57. Carnivorous Herbivores

    Thanks Chowtimes! Thanks GGW!

    I think this is a really interesting idea ^^

  58. Irene

    Thank you, Golden Great Wall!!!!!

  59. ming

    pick me! pick me!
    I haven’t had king crab in a loong time!
    Thank you Golden Great Wall!

  60. Tina

    Thanks Golden Great Wall!!
    Ben and Suanne..thank you too!! I love your blog!!

  61. Sonya

    Thank you Golden Great Wall, Ben, and Suanne!

  62. Sedap Makan

    I am only too happy to eat AKC 2 days in a row. Thank you Golden Great Wall. You will get some of my business from now on.

  63. Anna

    YUmmy! king crab is my favorite

  64. Elaine

    Thanks Golden Great Wall and of course Chowtimes for organizing! 🙂

  65. xiaoyan

    This is going to be one royal experience!

  66. Kathy

    Yes! Hurray for King Crab Season! I usually don’t like eating crab that much but I like king crab because there’s lots of meat!

  67. PinoyGourmet

    Thank You Gracias Merci Danke Shishi Arigato Great Wall

  68. maryanne

    Standing to be counted here

    Thanks to Great Wall for hosting this, and to Chowtimes for putting it out there!

  69. Cecilia

    Let the AKC feast begin. Thank you Ben, Suanne and Golden Great Wall.

  70. Katie

    Thank you Golden Great Wall and Chow Times! I would love to feast on some crab if selected!

  71. Belinda

    Wow, thanks for sharing this cool experience with readers. I’ve never actually had AKC before so this would be a neat experience to try out. Thanks Chowtimes for planning this and thanks to Golden Great Wall for accommodating this feast =)

  72. Oliver

    Thank you Golden Great Wall! and thank you Ben and Sueanne. We would like to be entered into the draw for the Sunday AKC dinner. Now I have to find out more about Golden Great Wall! The advertising is working!

  73. joyluckclub

    Hey Ben,
    please take me out of the draw…..looks like I’m cooking another AKC feast at home.

    I feel better leaving my “winning seats” to someone who has never enjoyed this before 🙂
    And it would just be too glutinous to have 3 AKC meals in a week.

  74. whiners

    Thank you, Golden Great Wall, Ben and Suanne!
    This may be my only chance at getting some akc in my tummy this year~
    Good luck to everyone~!

  75. May

    Thank to you all and Golden Great Wall!

  76. Sara

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    Thank you chowtimes and thank you Golden Great Wall! I hope this is the chance for me to try AKC for the first time!

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    Thank you, Golden Great Wall!

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    Thank you, Golden Great Wall!

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    Thanks, Ben and Suanne.Count me in.

  88. Jacob

    Of course, I will enter this!

    I’ve actually never had real crab in my life (if you can believe that), let alone Alaskan King Crab!

  89. Tracy


    Thank you, Golden Great Wall!”

    PICK ME PLZ!! =)

  90. James

    This new free draw offer is replacing the AKC dinner at Sun Sui Wah on March-12? Please let me know Ben.

    1. Ben

      Hi James: No, it is not. Did you receive the email I sent yesterday? The dinner on Saturday and this one is different. Ben

      1. James

        No I did not received, please resend, thank you,


        1. Suanne

          Did you receive my email James? Check your spam folder too just in case. Ben

          1. James

            My Spam box is empty, I received all other comments and your answered from this post in my Yahoo email, but not the direct email including Suanne’s. May be there was typo on “” ??
            Should I just go to Sun Sui Wah at Main & E-23rd on Saturday March 12 at 18:30?


          2. Suanne

            This is weird, James. I have resent using another account. Please check and let me know? Ben

  91. Kevin


  92. Angie

    I must say, Kudos to Ben and Suanne! You guys are the most generous couple. Have a wonderful king crab feast!

  93. Pattie


  94. Lily

    Can’t make it for the AKC dinner at Golden Great Wall with much regrets. (Another dinner committment!) Thank you to Golden Great Wall Restaurant for being such sports! Hope everything turns out memorable for the lucky attendees.

  95. merileee

    hi ben (and suanne),

    i think your blog is great and i don’t think you have to explain yourselves at all. for all the time and effort you both put into this blog you should be able to write about whatever you want!

    “Thank you, Golden Great Wall!”

    – from a long time lurker 🙂

  96. Vivian L

    Thanks chowtimes and thanks to golden gate wall too!

  97. Katherine

    Thank you Golden Great Wall! Crab is my ultimate weakness!

  98. lilin

    i’ve never commented on here before but this is too great of an opportunity to give up, thanks golden great wall 🙂

  99. Caitlin

    I’ve been following you for years now, and would love the opportunity to meet you, and to try Alaskan King Crab too!

    Thank you Chowtimes and Golden Great Wall!

  100. b carmeli

    My mouth is watering!!!! I can taste the alaska king crab now!!!! Thank you chowtimes…..I love your blog!!!

  101. Peter Holbrook

    This looks great, awesome idea and thank you to all
    I hope that my humble little blog will generate 1/8th of the
    traffic you guys get one day

  102. joyce

    thank youu

  103. Jeannie

    Thanks Ben and Susanne for this opportunity! Been here for over eight years but never had a chance to eat king crabs with anyone! Looking forward to Mar 10th and hopefully I will be in! : )

  104. Alice

    Thank you, Golden Great Wall! and of course Chow Times too 🙂

  105. Sherrie

    Pick me! My hubby is French Canadian and loves King Crab, but we can’t afford it this year. Great contest and whether I win or not, what a generous thing to do, Golden Great Wall.

  106. Shopaholicinvan

    Would loooooooooooove to win this! Yum. 🙂 Thank you Golden Great wall! 🙂

  107. Joyce

    Sounds amazing! Thank you, Golden Great Wall! and chowtimes!

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    Ben, Suanne,Golden Great Wall, and AKC rocks!

  109. Erica Son

    thank you Ben Suanne and golden great wall.
    went there last time using groupon and my picky parents loved it 🙂
    so i really want 2 tickets so that my parents can go and try AKC for first time in their lives >-<

  110. Adelina

    Thanks for the fab opportunity! As to the controversy, as long as you continue to be open about anything restaurants propose to you, in my eyes, is fine. Definitely a loyal reader regardless 🙂

  111. Sandra W.

    Alaskan King Crab…how can you say “no” to that?!!? Thank you Chowtimes and Golden Great Wall!!

  112. Rob Antejos

    Thanks Golden Great Wall.

    Keep up the great work……Your blog rocks and pictures are awesome….See ya there!!

  113. Charles

    Ben, I would love to attend the event! Haven’t had king crab in the longest time. I’m sure it will be great here!

  114. Joo

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    Wow! Another exciting draw! Thanks for bringing up the mood for all the Chowtime readers!! And thanks Golden Great Wall!

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    ~Cheers to AKC~

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    This is great! Thank you Golden Great Wall Restaurant! 🙂

  125. Chubbychick

    Here we go again! Thanks for doing this Ben and Susanne 🙂

  126. Peter M

    Thanks so many free draw lately, it will be my first AKC for this year

  127. Bev

    I loveeee alaskan king crab and always love meeting new ppl! awesome contest!

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  129. carrie

    i heart AKC!! thank you, golden great wall!

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    king crab 😀 who can say no?
    im back from japan and i can finally enter these events!

    chowtimes has grown so much over the past few years, great job!

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    I’d love to go to Golden Great Wall for Alaskan King Crab!

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    My mom says that she is now coming on the 28th and not on the 12th!
    I want to try AKC!!! Thank you Ben, Suanne, and Golden Great Wall 🙂

    P.S. There is no more room for the 12th AKC dinner, right?

    1. Ben

      Hi Elizabeth: Although we had reached 30 people, we can accommodate more people if we want. We went to SSW and saw that they are flexible in configuring the rooms and they even have jumbo tables that will fix 15 people comfortably if needed. So, shall we include you? Ben

    2. Ben

      Hi Elizabeth: Did you receive my email? Could you please check in your spam folder if you had not yet? Will you be coming for the Saturday AKC event too? Ben

  143. flown

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    Thank you Ben, Suanne, and Golden Great Wall! I really appreciate your work and effort in organzing this, on top of a F/T job! I’ve discovered so many new restaurants through your website, and it’s cured the ‘where do you want to eat’ question! 🙂

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    Thank you Golden Great Wall . King Crab !

  150. Harvey

    Thank you Ben and Suanne and Golden Great Wall. Great blog. Great word of mouth for the Golden Great Wall

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    Thank you, Golden Great Wall!

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  166. DL

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    Thank you, Ben & Golden Great Wall. What a great opportunity.

  168. Marty

    Thank you Golden Great Wall – I’m not sure if I want to win though since I’m going to the Saturday dinner already!?

    1. Ben

      Hi Marty: So what is wrong with having AKC two nights in a row? 🙂 Ben

  169. Wynnie

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    I love reading chowtimes and your insights 🙂

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    We love King Crab and will look forward to a succulent dinner at your joint!

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