Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremony Rehearsal — Free Tickets

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Update 04Feb: This contest is now closed. Will announce the winner of the 2+1 tickets later on today.

Some of you who follows will know that Arksensen and Nanzaro will be performing in the Vancouver 2010 Closing Ceremony. Until today, Suanne and I still do not know a single thing about the closing ceremony. Any question we had always been met with “I am not commenting” response followed by a change of topic.


The Vancouver 2010 organizers surprised the boys by giving them 10 tickets to the Dress Rehearsal of the Opening  Ceremony. Frankly, Suanne and I were more excited than them. Arkensen and Nanzaro is more excited about their other freebies than the the tickets.

This is NOT from us. This is from Arkensen and Nanzaro. They have decided to donate 3 tickets to as a give-away!!

We went and check if anyone is selling the tickets. Oh yeah, people are selling it at upwards of $250 per ticket on Craigslist. But you are going to get it for free on chowtimes. Here is how …


There are two Dress Rehearsals for the Opening Ceremony — one on Wednesday, February 10th and another on Monday, February 8th.

Our tickets are for the earlier one on Monday, February 8th. I reckon this is the “rougher” version of the two dress rehearsal. Still … it will be awesome to be part of the fun for the Olympics. It had always been our dream to attend an Olympic Opening Ceremony and this is very close to the real thing.

It also looks like this is a prime seat too.


This is gonna be a good spot, I would think. Our tickets are on the Section 119 and Row M and N. So I think it would be on the higher end of the added-on bleachers.


So we are going to share the tickets with two readers of chowtimes. Here is how we are going to do this:

  • Leave your email address by commenting on this post (don’t put in your email address on the body of the comment!). Your email address is safe with us and no one will be able to see your email address on this site. We will also not use your email address for any purpose other than contacting the chosen reader.
  • Since I can’t control multiple entries, I guess you can put in as many entries as you want. Just as long as it is submitted with a different email address. To be fair to everyone, I will discard multiple entries from the same email address. I really hope everyone will play fair here.
  • Please make sure that you are able to make it to the event. The event details are on the image above (click for larger image if you can’t read it).¬† Also, please read the instructions above closely — main thing is to wear white on the day of and no photography.
  • We will not be mailing the tickets to the chosen readers. This is to prevent any one from selling it on Craigslist! Instead, we will meet at 3PM of the day of where we will pass the tickets to the chosen readers.
  • We will cut off the comments by 12:01AM on Thursday, February 4th. That is when we will close all comments on this post.
  • We will use to select two emails from the list of comments. The first reader chosen will be given TWO tickets and the second reader chosen will be given ONE. We wished to give all tickets in pairs but that is as far as the boys generosity will go.
  • We will briefly announce the results sometime on Thursday. We will also contact the selected reader via email to get a contact info by 11:59PM on Friday. If we can’t contact the chosen reader, the tickets will go to the next in the randomized list.

I think this is kind of fair.  So, if you are interested in the tickets, please leave your comments and email address before 12:01AM on Thursday, February 4th.