Szechuan Delicious Restaurant: New Restaurant in Incubation

Crispy Lechon beat me to it. 🙂

On the way out for breakfast today, we saw that JJ Shanghai had closed shop. In its place is a new restaurant called the Szechuan Delicious Restaurant.


Some of you know that this location above as the incubator of some of the best restaurants in Richmond. This small lot right across from the Richmond Center on No 3 Road is where Chen’s Shanghai and Danny’s Wun Tun had the their humble beginnings. I can’t remember who else started off from here although I remember it being discussed at length on chowtimes before. Shanghai River too right? Can someone help jog our memory?

A lot of previous tenants here ended up moving to bigger and better locations. The tenant before this was JJ Shanghai. JJ bucked the trend and did not fare quite well. I was surprised that they survive as long as they did.

Let’s see if Szechuan Delicious will incubate to something big. They are opened for business just today. Their prices are so-so and comparable to other Szechuan restaurants in Richmond. If we have space in our stomachs for a full dinner tonight and I can convince the boys to go out for dinner, we might just take one for the team.

Here is their menu. You can click on it to show larger:


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  1. LotusRapper

    Maybe that physical location ought to be called “Shanghai/Szechuan Idol” (springboard to something bigger and better), LOL !

    Do you know if this was simply a name change/re-branding with the same owners, or are the owners totally new ?

    1. Ben

      Dunno, Lotus. We did not notice. We were just in and out to pick up the takeout menu. Previously it was mostly Shanghainese restaurants. This one is Sichuan. Different kung-fu.

  2. joyluckclub

    had a meal at JJ’s a couple of weeks back. guess can kiss the post goodbye.
    It’s too bad, the owners of JJ were very hard working people….they seemed to try very hard….but had a few issues with consistency. I was secretly rooting for them, but not surprised to see them gone….

    1. Kevin

      Post it anyways! 🙂

  3. Crispy Lechon

    One of the previous tenants there was Shanghai Wonderful. It used to be called Shanghai Wind until they sold the business including the name. Shanghai Wind (2nd owner) operated for a while until Shanghai JJ took over. The present space of Shanghai Wonderful space was previously occupied by the owners of Shanghai River . They took it over from Bread Garden. They closed it for renovation but never really opened it. Shanghai Wonderful took over from them.

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