Updated: 17th Feb 2015;

The migration of chowtimes.com to chowtimes.wordpress.com is completed. You may access chowtimes.wordpress.com via chowtimes.com.

The blogroll is now reside on the right side panel of the blog.

Updated: 19th Oct 2014; Please note that the blogroll is now on the side bar. Unfortunately, the blogroll will not be sorted by the most recently updated post as previously. Once the migration of all the photos is completed, chowtimes.com will be discontinued. It will be a feature that I’m going to miss.

Here is the link to chowtimes.com’s blogroll until it is disable.

Here is the list of all Vancouver area food blogs, specifically for dining outs and not for recipes/cooking sites. I will probably create a separate one for recipes/cooking one of these days once I figure out how to create two lists on a page.

If you think there are blogs missing from this blogroll, just email us the link to the blog and we would be glad to add to this.

This blogroll is listed by most recently updated blogs. I think this will help you keep track of the latest blog post better. Sometimes it takes a while for the system to pull the info and then sort the list by time — just give it a few seconds to do its job.

Oh … one more tip. If you want to show the page on a separate tab/window, you may right-click the link and select the appropriate option on your browser.

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  1. hans

    Will Blogroll work on this new site?

    1. chowtimes

      Hi hans, the blogroll in the new site will not work as chowtimes.com i.e. displaying the latest post on top. That feature requires some programming work to be done and in wordpress.com, we have no access to the source codes. The blogroll on the side panel in the new site is by alphabetical order and I had included the blogs that are active within 60 days from the date we first migrated the site.

  2. Idea Rabbit

    Thank you so much for having me on your blogroll! I appreciate it! 😀

  3. Kirby

    Even though I know you said you don’t have access to the source codes right now, do you know if it will be every possible to display the latest post on top like before? I always used to rely on your blogroll for the latest posts for all things Vancouver recipe/food blogs! 🙂 Just wondering

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