San Francisco Vacation: Chinatown and Fortune Cookies

The mother of all Chinatowns in North America is undoubtedly the one in San Francisco. The Chinatown in San Francisco were first built by the Chinese immigrants who joined the gold rush in the mid 1800s. The gate at the entrance to Chinatown here is perhaps the most famous of all gates I know of.


There is nothing much to this Chinatown. I guess once you have been to one Chinatown, all Chinatowns look the same. They practically have the same shops and restaurants.


Believe it or not, fortune cookies is not a Chinese food … it is first invented in, of all places in the world, San Francisco. Many Americans actually thinks that fortune cookies are really Chinese.


Our guide book showed the direction to a small place in an alley where they make fortune cookies. We went to look for it.

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San Francisco Vacation: Walking the City

It’s a long story and I won’t get into why we took BART. Short story is that we were advised NOT to drive into San Francisco as it is very expensive to park and impossible to find. We saw some signs that says “$37 per hour”!!

The fact is we took the BART from somewhere near LAX to get to downtown San Francisco. I’ve never seen a bigger subway train … the cars are very wide … much more wider than those I have seen else where. This reinforces my perception that everything in the US is big. I can’t remember how much exactly it is we paid for the trip from near LAX to San Francisco but I distinctly remember that it is quite expensive for the 4 of us.


To us, the centre of San Francisco seems to be Powell and Market St. This seems to be the transportation hub of the centre. We already knew what we wanted to do first … walk over to Union Square and make our first stop … for cheesecake … with a view.


Suanne had never been to a Cheesecake Factory before and is dying to try one out. There is one at the top floor of Macy’s just in front of Union Square. This is perhaps one of the best place to go for a “meal with a view” in San Francisco.


It was a pretty long wait as we got there at about lunch time. Since we had TWO breakfasts already that morning, we just went for their cheesecakes. Suanne had a great time gawking at those cheesecakes while waiting. I know she wants to order everything. You know, I was thinking they should create a “sampling menu” in this restaurant. Why did they not think about it?

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