A light hike at Lighthouse Park at West Vancouver

A few of our closest friends here gathered for a picnic and light hike at Lighthouse Park at West Vancouver this summer. We usually have annual picnic. Since the youngest family’s kids are old enough for a light hike, we decided that we go for a hike instead or just sitting around for a picnic.

The above is the entrance to the Lighthouse Park; one of the National Historic Site of Canada. It was a busy day and the parking lot was almost full. The weather was just perfect, lightly cloudy and not too sunny.

We found a picnic area with a couple of picnic tables with a great view of the Burrard Inlet, looking across Vancouver and the Lions Gate Bridge. Ben in-charged of getting bahn-mi from Bahn Mi Saigon. The price has gone up from $5 to $5.50. The buy 10 get 1 free is still valid.

After our late lunch, we walked down to the rocky area next to the water.

Most of the members of our party climbed up the rocks to enjoy the view. The younger kids have no fear, running up and down the rocks.

Then, we made our way to the Point Atkinson Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is not accessible; only view from the gate. I love the effects of the clouds of the photo of the lighthouse. (more…)

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Silver Tower Cafe Restaurant on Alexandra Road, Richmond

It’s been a long time since we dined at Silver Tower Cafe Restaurant since there are so many Hong Kong style restaurant in Richmond.


On Labour Day, we decided to have lunch at Silver Tower for old time sake. Ben and Nanzaro had iced milk tea and Iced Ovaltine while I had hot milk tea.


The strange thing is that the iced milk tea has a $1 extra charge (which is the norm for cold drink) and not the iced Ovaltine.


Ben ordered the Sauteed Egg Shrimps from the Chinese meal section because he saw a table having that as we walked to our table. It looked appetizing and it was indeed pretty good. There were generous amount of shrimp and the egg was tender and moist. (more…)

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Amay’s House Burmese and Asian Cuisine on Victoria Dr, Vancouver

On a Sunday evening, Ben and I went out for dinner alone as our boys did not want to come along. We did not have a destination, so Ben just drove along Victoria Dr. and stopped at any place that catch our attention.


We settled with Amay’s House Burmese and Asian Cuisine as we have not try this place before.


Chinese tea was served. The customers in the restaurant were majority Burmese from their look and language. So, it must be authentic.


I ordered the Burmese Style Biryani which came with a marinated roasted chicken leg. The basmati rice was fragrant with saffron, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves and traditional spices. The chicken was tender and falling off the bone. (more…)

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Burmese Feast in Bo Laksa King’s Bubbles and Bits, East Hastings

Updated: 29th Oct 2014; This restaurant is now new management with the name Laksa King.

There is something different about Bo.

I just can’t figure out why people like him so much that they are rooting for him. I have not come across any restaurateur so well supported by the local foodie community. I mean, the support came not from just any local foodie community but it came from none other than the chowhounds of Vancouver.

Maybe it is because of his food. His laksa is second to none. Maybe it is because he had carved a niche out for himself by serving the one of the kind Burmese fare. Maybe it is because of his humble nature.

Whatever it is, almost everyone I know roots for him and wants him to succeed. I think he is a very lucky guy. With this kind of support, the restaurant just cannot fail.


Ever since the discovery of Bo Laksa King almost a year ago, there had been talks about getting Bo to whip up a Burmese feast for the chowhounds. While Bo was willing, the problem was logistics. He could not host the Burmese feast in his little flagship “restaurant” … which seats a grand total of FOUR people initially. You see, Bo Laksa King has a humble beginning operating as a counter inside a convenience store. For those of you who have never been to Bo Laksa King, you gotta just read the post where we followed up on the chowhound lead and fell in love with Bo’s Laksa.

So, almost one year later Bo had finally moved in to a proper restaurant. It is a joint venture with a friend of his who had been operating a bubble tea shop called Bubble and Bits. I can’t help but notice that the words “Bo Laksa King’s” is smaller than Bubble and Bits on the signboard. This tells me that Bo is basically operating in the premises of Bubble and Bits. Not that it matters to us.

The good thing is now we can enjoy Bo’s Laksa is a more comfortable confines and he is able to expand on his menu.

So with a place able to host the Burmese feast, FMED worked with Bo to put together an exclusive Burmese Feast for the vanchow community. The moment I saw that event announced, Suanne and I quickly signed up because we know this will be a very popular event.


Indeed it was. Bo Laksa could only cater to 24 people and the places were filled very fast. Some were put on a wait list. This is despite the fact that this Burmese feast is not cheap. It is $55 per person.

Not knowing what to expect, we were quite surprised how well setup the dinner is. He he he … a few weeks earlier, the chowhounds were talking about how Bo need to move away from using plastic cutleries and serve his food in real plates. They were even talking about helping him get a commercial dishwasher too.

So we had metal cutleries, ceramic dish wares and drinking glasses. Yeah, it was things we take for granted from other restaurant but for Bo, we were somehow glad to see that. The table cloth was made of paper but at least the color matches the restaurant. 🙂


Bo even printed a menu of the night too. I am a stickler for details. I saw that little crown on top of the letter “i”. Bo had told me that he wanted to have a small crown as the logo before. I was wondering how he printed that crown because I half suspect that some chowhounds help him print it the way he wants it.


A couple of words from FMED and Bo before the dinner got started. Bo came out to explain each dish as it was served. We all appreciate this because the learning is as important as the food to many of us food geeks.


The first course is called the Lahpet Thoke. This is something you could sometimes get at Bo Laksa. In English it is called the Burmese Tea Leaves Salad.

This was a lovely start. The pickled tea leaves to make this is from the hilly plateau of the Shan state in north east Burma. This dish is uniquely Burmese and is one of the national dish. It is customary that this salad is served with tea when greeting visitors.

The salad has fried soy beans which gives this salad the crunch. Other ingredients include tomato, chili, dried shrimps, preserved ginger and dressed with peanut oil. This is an amazing salad … it is crunchy, lightly sour and tasted nutty.

On the side are raw garlic cloves and Thai chili padi. We were told that the traditional way to eat this is to eat the salad alternating with biting  a small piece of the raw garlic …


… and the really hot chili. The raw garlic and the chili gives the salad an extra kick.


The Pepper Corn Glass Noodle Soup does not look like much if I must say. I mean, it does … (more…)

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Bo Laksa King Bubbles and Bits on East Hastings and Nanaimo, Vancouver

Updated: 2nd Nov 2014; Bo no longer running this restaurant.

Bo has finally taken another step to expand his little business. A lot of the fans of Bo’s Laksa had been asking Bo to open a proper restaurant so that they can taste the entire repertoire of his food instead of just being limited to Laksa, Roti and Wraps.

And the sweet thing is that you can get free Laksa and Roti Canai too. Details are at the bottom of this post.


The restaurant that Bo is opening is called the Bo Laksa King Bubbles and Bits. It is Bo’s joint venture with Bubbles and Bits.

The restaurant is located on 2546 East Hastings. That location is just east of Nanaimo. Looks like it is a great location too. The restaurant is bigger and more comfortable.


I was joking with Bo that with the opening of the new location, he should not ignore his “flagship” restaurant. This quaint little counter-stall is where the now famous “Bo Laksa” began.


Bo’s Laksa reached legendary proportions when the Vancouver chowhounds broke the news of this little counter inside a Burmese convenience store serving some of the most delicious laksa that they had ever tasted. We went to check this place out and it was really good (see our blog post here).

While Bo makes great laksa, he makes a lot of good delicious food too. Earlier this year, Suanne and I had the privilege to try more of Bo’s cooking when he invited us to the Burmese New Year Water Festival. You should check out the post here where I had posted pictures of the buffet spread Bo prepared.

So with the opening of the Bo’s Laksa King Bubbles and Bits on Monday July 26th, all of us will be able to taste over … (more…)

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Burmese New Year Water Festival 2010

A couple of weeks ago Suanne and I dropped by Bo Laksa King when we were in the neighborhood. We were going to the Chilean bakery next door to get some pastries. It was fancy bumping into Keev who was there having Bo’s Laksa.

Suanne and I were not there for food, having just had lunch. We just wanted to drop by and say hi. Bo and Tiffany are such a nice couple that we do not consider them as “blog topics”. We had become friends. I think many people who had been to Bo Laksa King can vouch how down to earth they are.

Anyway, while there Bo extended an invitation to Suanne and I to the Burmese New Year Water Festival. We were initially not sure of going because we did not know what to really expect. Oh boy … we were glad we did!

The Burmese New New Year Water Festival is also known as Thingyan. Thingyan is normally celebrated in the middle of April over five days. This celebration is similar to the more well known Songkran festival in Thailand.

There were no water throwing here in Vancouver. Instead they do go around sprinkling water on everyone’s shoulders. The water symbolizes the cleansing of the bad things of previous year and starting anew.

It was only at the festival that we learned Bo was one of about seven people who put together the event. Apparently, they have been doing this for the past 10 years already.


I was impressed with the organization and the turn out. It seems like half of Vancouverites of Burmese descent were here. Bo told us that there are only about 800 to 1000 Burmese living in Metro Vancouver.

Suanne and I learned a lot about the Burmese culture that day. There were many facets of the people we did not know. The Burmese are such gentle and humble people that we felt at home immediately.

The Burmese are generous people too. They will share whatever little they have and not expect anything in return. This festival is not funded by big corporations. Everything we saw was because of the hard work of everyone. And you are NOT expected to pay to attend this too … although they have a donation box at the entrance. They just wanted people to come and celebrate the new year with them.


Even though Suanne and I did not understand a word of what was said the whole time we were there, we enjoyed ourselves. The music, both traditional and modern, were contagious. There was once when I was speaking with someone and when a popular song came on, he stopped talking to me in mid sentence, turned to the stage and sang along. We resumed the conversation only after the song ended. LOL!

Yeah, the Burmese are boisterous alright.


Bo Laksa King was first discovered by the Vancouver chowhound community. The chowhounders were all raving about his laksa and Burmese specialties. But Bo is very conservative. He sticks with just a small menu and he brings out a few specialties only once a while. The chowhounders were once discussing plonking down $50 each for Bo to cook up a dinner for them. That did not materialize but you can imagine how many people are eager to see what Bo has up his sleeve.

Well … ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. This is THE event where you can get Bo’s specialties … and it is all you can eat too!

There must be almost … (more…)

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Bo Laksa King’s on Joyce and Wellington, Vancouver

Updated: 1st Feb 2011; This location had closed according to Urbanspoon.com. Bo is now located at 2546 E. Hasting, Vancouver.

I just gotta see for myself what this hype was all about.

When a group of pro chowhounds goes crazy in the forum over a particular food, it has to count for something. After having tasted something that costs about $5, they are yearning for more. They are even talking about throwing in $50 each to the chef to cook for them.

From the way I read it, everything that the chef creates, will turned out to be a winner. They had already been surprised by the chef weekend after weekend when the chef concocts something new.

So … I just gotta see for myself what this hype is all about.


And all these is happening in the most unlikeliest of places. All these is happening starting from one dish — Laksa.

Unless you live in the neighborhood, you will never walk into the Joyce-Way Food Market to buy your grocery. Even if you do, you will not even think they have an eatery in it.

This convenience shop is located on Joyce in Vancouver. It is just a short walk north of the Joyce Skytrain station. Word has it that some Aussie chowhounds stumbled upon this place and before you know it, the Vancouver chowhound community were scrambling over each other to check it out. All came out liking what they tasted.

IF … Even if … even if you went into this convenience shop, there is not sign of an eatery. It is tucked in a hidden corner. You gotta walk around some of the grocery display to see it.

The only hint you will see here is the orangey sign outside that says “Bo Laksa Kings’ – Famous Laksa and Wraps”.


The Bo Laksa Kings’ name got into the chowhound circuit initially because of their Laksa. No one really cares for the wraps. What really gets the chowhounds interested is what that is not on the menu.


Ladies and gentlemen … presenting, Bo Laksa Kings’!

Oh yeah, it is just a counter. It is mostly mean to be a to-go place. After all this is in a convenience shop. For good measures, they have two tiny round tables with four folding chairs if you so chooses to eat in. There is even ONE stool by the counter.


Even the cutleries are cheap looking. I was looking at the spoon and thinking to myself that it’s too small for Laksa. All these add to the intrigue of Bo Laksa Kings’.

Chef Bo was not around. His lovely wife was. It was just slightly past 4PM when Suanne and I were at the counter. We only planned to get a bowl of Laksa to share between the two of us. We just wanted to try the Laksa and the go for a real dinner afterwards.


It was an odd setting. You can see for yourself what the ambiance and decor Bo Laksa Kings’ has to offer. The odd customer walking into the last aisle ends up … (more…)

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