Myojo Ramen Char Mee 100

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not eaten well.
~ Virginia Woolf

This is our favourite instant noodle — we call it the Myojo Pedas 100. No other instant noodles comes close in comparison and it has no peers in the spicy-ness department. Although we have found some other Myojo instant noodles in many shops we have not come across this specific type. So, everytime we hear someone coming over from Malaysia or Singapore, we would go on the carpet begging friends or family to bring over some. This latest consignment comes courtesy of Rachel, little Angela and little Gabriel … specially imported from Singapore. [Rachel, Angela and Gabriel, we dedicate this blog to you!] We now have precious 15 packets — got to ration really closely because it’ll be a long while before we get our next replenishment! BTW, this is a dry noodle and not the normal soup type. This is how it looks like:


Of all the in family, Nanzaro is the one that goes ga-ga over this the most. For a small guy, he can really take spicy food. So, the honor of eating the first pack goes to him. He has kindly consented to showing the world how he prepares the noodle. KIDS, DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF AT HOME. ALWAYS REMEMBER, SAFETY FIRST AND GET AN ADULT TO SUPERVISE YOU.


[Dad]: Over to you Nanzaro.

[Nanzaro]: Ahem. Hello everyone. You MUST first of all make sure you have all the utensils you need. You don’t want to start looking for it midway cooking or you might rush and cause little accidents. This is what you need: a plate, pair of chopsticks, a small cooking pot with cover, and a sieve.


Make sure you have a safe environment while cooking. For a little man like me, I use an Ikea stool so that I can safely see over the inside of the pot.


You must boil the water. Turn the heat to very hot and put the cover over the pot. This will make the water boils faster. You will know it’s ready when the water bubbles.


The Myojo Pedas 100 come with two small sachets of spicy seasoning and oil. I think the oil is a kind of chilli oil that gives the noodles the spicy-ness and extra kick!


Once the water is boiled, carefully put the noodles into the pot. I know it is hot around the boiling pot but don’t throw in the noodles or else the hot water might splash out of the pot. Don’t put the contents of the sachets into the pot at this point.


Stir the noodles until it is soft. Do it very gently and carefully.


The next step should be done with the supervision of an adult. I have my very beautiful mum to help me here. We want to drain the water from the noodle. Remember this is a dry noodle? Pour the softened noodle into your plate and add both the contents of the sachets on the noodle. After this step, the dangerous part of the cooking is over. REMEMBER TO SWITCH OFF THE STOVE.




Stir the noodles until the seasoning is evenly mixed. For some reason, this seasoning tends to clump together, so you need to break them up with your chopstick.

So, world, here it is … the BESTEST instant noodle in the world. One packet down, fourteen more to go. ENJOY!


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  1. Anonymous

    great pictures.Rima & Paulo Andre

  2. Anonymous

    we have to come over for dinner to try Suanne’s great cooking.Rima & Paul Andre

  3. Ben

    Thanks. This particular blog is about Nanzaro’s cooking. Do you mean you want to come over and try NANZARO’s cooking? 🙂 Anyway, for sure, one of these days, give us a call and we can arrange some get together!Ben and Suanne

  4. Rachel Wong

    This is for Nanzaro. I would like to try your cooking. Call me ok.Angela Wong

  5. PaLmEr

    Well, now you can get your Ramen 100 fix from Singapore!

    A better way to mix the seasoning would be to pour around 4 tablespoons of hot water on the seasoning, mix it around, then when the noodles are done, empty the drained noodles onto the bowl with the premixed sauce and mix well, you will get a very consistant color and taste with this method…..

  6. Lola

    I LOVE THIS NOODLE SO MUCH! I just had one a few minutes ago! YUM!

  7. grayelf

    Argh, such a cute post! Thanks to Lola for commenting, so I could see it.

  8. Nitin Koka

    We just got back from singapore and I bought a Case full of it!!! You are absolutely right it is the best best instant noodles ever

  9. Kate

    Hi there! I know this is a rather old post. But I surfed in after Googling this Char Mee. I bought it the other and just tried a packet and it’s absolutely delicious! Wondering where you are located and if you are still finding it difficult to get these noodles where you are. If you are in the US, do contact me – perhaps we can trade! As I cannot buy some items from the US… I can send these noodles to you and you forward some of my online purchases to me?? I’m in Australia…

    1. Suanne

      Hi Kate, thank you for the offer. Mee Pedas is available here in Vancouver, British Columbia.

      1. Lissa

        Suanne, please do tell where you buy them. Is it in Richmond? I don’t recall seeing them in most of the stores I go to. I’d like to try them. (I’m a lousy Penangite)

        1. Suanne

          Hi Lissa, I bought it from the Smart & Save in Lansdowne Mall.

        2. Ben

          Hi Lissa: If you go and get the Char Mee 100, go and try to get Mee Poh. It is also by Myojo and is also a dry noodle but for that one is less spicier and uses flat noodles. Ben

          1. Lissa

            Thanks Suanne & Ben. S&S is a place I often go to. Must watch out for the Char Mee now.

  10. Melody

    Where can i buy this Ramen Char Mee noodles in USA?

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