Singapore Restaurant on Broadway

Update 26-May-2009:  This restaurant had been reported on Urbanspoon as closed.

Coarse rice for food, water to drink, and the bended arm for a pillow – happiness may be enjoyed even in these.
~ Confucius

After six years, we still crave good old Malaysian food. We tried to locate the Cafe De Light restaurant this weekend but for some reason we just can’t find it. Oh well, we were pretty hungry and just picked the Singapore Restaurant which is located along the same street, Broadway.

We’ve been to this place once before.


The parking was plentiful seeing that it was a weekend. The restaurant was quite empty too. The owner of the restaurant told us that they get very busy on weekdays but is slow on weekends. I can understand that seeing that Broadway lies smack between office buildings.

The owner was from Indonesia, looks like Chinese Indonesian to us. He told us he came over 28 years ago and has since owned this restaurant. I find that amazing because I always thought that restaurants that lasts so many years are rare.

We were not particularly adventurous and stuck with the normal Malaysian fare. We chose from the “lunch special” menu where the price of each dish ranges from $5 to $6.

_MG_2941_edited-1The lunch special comes with free bowl of chicken broth and spring rolls. The spring rolls are really nice and was served pipping hot and with plum dipping sauce.
_MG_2943_edited-1Ben ordered the Nasi Lemak. The curry chicken was OK but the sambal was not. I always felt that real nasi lemak much have sambal ikan bilis but this dish comes with plain sambal bawang. It was not spicy. Also, the kacang and ikan bilis goreng was immersed in the chicken curry … losing its “crunchy-ness”.
_MG_2944_edited-1Suanne tried the Assam Chicken. The serving was really plain — just rice and a bowl of assam chicken … no garnishing at all. Presentation-wise, this is really bad. In the taste department, it was very much like the normal curry chicken without coconut milk … and has a bit of tanginess to it because of the assam (tamarind).
_MG_2945_edited-1Nanzaro chose the Hainanese Chicken Rice. There is nothing really special to this. The serving was adequate for a full meal. Nanzaro finished off the rice first before touching the chicken — the rice must be really good. BTW, Arkensen was away camping (yeah, in the snow!!) and did not join us.
_MG_2947_edited-1The meal ended with a bowl each of bubur char-char. Suanne loves this a lot. Other than the lack of “ubi” (yam), it was perfect. Sweet and rich!

The total bill, including taxes and tips, came up to $22. Not a bad meal. Recommended if you have never tried this restaurant before. Good value for money, if you ask me.

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  1. lives nearby

    this restaurant does serve some really tasty dishes…try these…

    rojak – tropical salad with shrimp paste, peanuts and deep fried bread

    ikan chili padas – fish wrapped in banana leaves, served with sambal sauce & coconut milk

    singapore egg plant – served with spicy dried shrimp and sambal sauce

    coconut rice

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