Chicago Style Hot Dog

The heart of a man may be compared to a sausage; no one can tell exactly what’s inside.
~ Yiddish Proverb

I was delayed at the Chicago O’Hare Airport for four hours just a few days ago. At least United Airlines gave me a meal voucher so that I could have a wee bite while waiting. My tummy was growling then. Since I was in Chicago, I thought I should try something native to Chicago. Seems like Chicago’ians (?) are pretty proud of the Chicago Style Hot Dog which is served very consistently the same way. Here is what it looks like:


What I learn is a Chicago style hot dog is almost always:

  • a beef hot dog
  • a poppy seed bun
  • yellow mustard
  • sweet relish
  • chopped raw onion
  • a dill pickle spear
  • tomato slices
  • celery salt

I don’t know why no ketchup. I find it strange because I have always wanted ketchup on hot dogs. It is a perfect meal with a little meat, vegetables, spicy peppers, cool tomato and a zing of celery salt. I also got myself a bottle of Tropicana Orange Juice.

How much did it costs? It’s slightly less than $7 (USD) including the drink — all paid for by United Airlines. Thanks a bunch for making me wait in the airport for four hours (NOT!).


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  1. ROSA

    Wow, that’s some dog!!

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