Chinese New Year Pot Luck

Time flies when you are among friends.
~ Basque Proverb

Today is Chap Goh Meh, which is the final day of the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration. A few of our friends from Malaysia and Singapore met together at Eric and Sabrina’s new home. We last met together last summer — it’s good to meet again to celebrate the Chinese New Year together.


Eric made three main dishes. He made a fried bee hoon, yam cakes and pineapple tarts. He always impresses us with his cooking. Sabrina is such a lucky girl.


Polly made curry chicken and potato. She thoughtfully made two versions: one spicy one and another milder one for the kids. It was rich and thick — very nice. It never goes wrong to have spicy dishes for our group. Polly uses the Prima Taste brand.


Xiao Qin made the ever popular fried rice. Kids always like fried rice. It also goes so well with the curry gravy.


Josephine made a huge pot of mee goreng. Yuuuuumy! We finished the entire pot. You see, spicy stuff is always popular. Good stuff Josephine … send Suanne your recipe.


Suanne made two dishes, chicken sticky rice and fried lo bak go (the ones that Polly and Suanne made two days ago).



Jessica came late with the dessert but it was well worth the wait. The dessert were awesome. I wish I had more room in my tummy for more! Jessica prepare a Tiramisu, kueh ubi kayu, kueh lapis and a cake I don’t know it’s called (looks like a flattened log cake but tastes awesome).


Thanks guys for a great time today.

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  1. JesseLooi

    mmm… yummy.. ^^i want all those food..

  2. shilo

    Those dishes look fabulous! I need to try them.

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