Myojo Instant Noodles

OK, this is kinda weird but everyone in the family simply love this instant noodles. I would even dare to say that the boys are so addicted to these stuff that they can have this twice a day. We have once blogged about the Myojo Ramen Char Mee quite a couple of months back (see here).


You see, we could never get these noodles from the stores in Vancouver. We always have people bring over or send over them from Malaysia or Singapore. Well, no longer … Polly’s husband, Vincent has started importing them and is stocking them in Richmond.

Vincent decided to import these and other varieties of Myojo recently and the shipment just arrived three days ago. These are to test the consumer market here. So far, it’s looking good because they seem to be selling well. The other varieties in the store are Mee Poh (non spicy), Korean Kimchi Noodle, Vegetarian and Mee Goreng.


The store is selling a pack of 5 for 2.98 during this promotional period. After which, the retail price will be 3.50. I bought 2 boxes of the Myojo Ramen Char Mee. Each box contains 12 x 5 packs of noodles — that’s 120 individual packets of instant noodles! Trust me, 120 is not much and they will go very fast in our home!

The store which sells the Myojo instant noodles is Smart N Save located in Lansdowne Mall in Richmond. Smart N Save sells a variety of South East Asian food products. I was told by Vincent that this year, the store is giving out VIP discount card for purchases above $25. The VIP card entitles you for a $2 discount for every $25 purchase and valid until the end of this year.


As this shipment of Myojo noodles is for testing of the market, the store might not continue to import if the product is not selling well. But, I’m sure people will discover this great noodle in no time. In fact, Polly told me that after we left, an American came to the store and bought 2 boxes of Ramen Char Mee to bring back to US. He commented that the noodle is very good.

Anyway, Vincent also imported quite a few other food stuff from Malaysia. We bought a few of those too and will blog on them sometime next week.

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  1. wally

    your hubby is a wise man 🙂

  2. susan

    I love the ramen char mee noodle and just finished my last packet which my mum from Singapore sent me. Any idea if the store ships to the U.S.?


  3. Kenz Kay

    sigh… some bad news here in Kuala Lumpur, malaysia. Recently when I went to super markets to stock up on my char mee…. NONE WERE FOUND! OMG ! The horror! None of the myojo brand noodles were found on the shelves of either TMC, Bangsar Village, Mid-valley jusco and carrefour, 1-Utama, Giant and even up to Ikano…!!!

    I hope the Malaysia Myojo factory didnt like shut down or on strike… I am a total char mee addict lol.

  4. Melanie Cao

    I can’t find a distributor of Myojo brand Mee Poh anywhere in Australia?

    Does your store do international delivery?

  5. Olivia Lim

    I am crazy about Myojo Mee Goreng! I really can’t find the best “Mee Goreng” in this world! Tell me why? Why stop manufacture? I really get crazy on it! Anyone can tell me what is other “alternative” whereby similar to this Myojo Mee Goreng?Thanks!

  6. Kenz Kay

    The Myojo Ramen Char Me/Mee Goreng pedas is BACK!!! BOTH in Singapore AND in Malaysia..WOOHOOO!!!! The packaging looks a little different but the color concept and all still same. They even have a new flavor now… Myojo Kimchi Ramen 🙂

  7. Kathlyn

    Kenz Kay, Myojo Mee reli back in Msia?! OMG! cant wait to go n buy! can u tell me where u found it? plz……. plz email me at thx a lot!!!!

  8. Ken

    I head recently they are back in malaysia after the long extinction. I can’t find the Myojo Ramen pedas anywhere in the US…anyone knows where I can order these in North America?? please let me know. thanks!

    1. Ben

      Hi Ken: Where are you located? You can get this from the Lansdowne Mall in Richmond, British Columbia.

      1. Ken

        Hey whats up ben. I am located in USA, in the midwest. My mom recently told me she spotted them in malaysia again!….but it would be crazy to send them all the way over here lol. I wish there would be a place online that one can order from…

  9. Ken

    Any updates? Does the store in Richmond, BC still carry the Myojo Char Mee?? I want some so badly LOL.

    1. Suanne

      Hi Ken, I’m not sure if the store in Lansdowne Mall still carry Myojo Char Mee or not because I have not been there for a while. But, I know that Great One Supermarket on Park Road does have that occasionally, not sure if they have stock now. I have a friend who is running a convenience store in Richmond which sometimes have Myojo Char Mee but currently it’s out of stock. Will update you if they get the stock.

  10. Yoki. Wong-Perry

    Any idea where I can order this? Is your friend’s store still selling them? If so, can I get their email/ contact number to check if I can order 2 boxes to Texas, USA?

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