Marinated Beancurd from T&T Supermarket

It was a hectic week at work for me the past week. At the end of the week I was totally glad that it was the start of the weekend. So, Suanne and I went for a walk and wondered into the T&T Supermarket because the weather was so hot.

We stopped by the Chinese Cold Snacks counter in the supermarket because we wanted to get something to munch.


We selected the Marinated Beancurd because they look so appetizing, especially with the Thai Chilli granishing the snack. They tasted a bit chewy but do find that they are also too greasy or oily. It has a hint of spiciness from the Thai Chilli.


The large container weighing 0.8 lbs came up to $4.50.


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  1. LotusRapper

    The Metrotown T&T has been expanded (engulfed the old food court) and now allows eating-in in their new seating area (not big). Hot Chinese foods, sushi and various Japanese bento boxes, Cantonese and Northern-style dim sums, made-to-order sticky rice rolls for $2.50, made-to-order Vietnamese banh mi (hoagie sandwich) also for $2.50 are just some of the great deals to be had there. However I think my favorite coup there is the selection of cheeses (seriously !) like brie, camembert, blue, and even an assortment of chevre. Plus more standard selection of cheddar, havarti, swiss etc. Al lcheese prices are unbelievably low, and as far as I can tell they are not cheap Chinese knock-offs from the mainland [wink].

  2. Ben

    Hi LotusRapper: So, T&T has completed the renovations? The last time we were there, they had a section boarded up. We will make a visit and check it out one of these days. Will check out the chinese cheese too!!

  3. LotusRapper

    Ben, T&T isn’t 100% done their renovations, but the store is fully functional as far as I can tell. The old bakery section is probably 50% “online”. But the new delis are where the action is !

  4. Ben

    Hi Lotus Rapper: Will be checking that place out. I have a feeling that that store will be one of their flagship stores just simply from the fact that it’s one of their busiest stores.

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