Cocon Kingo Pudding with Nata De Coco

Bought this Mango Pudding from the T&T Supermarket in one of our recent grocery shopping. We like mangoes and used to buy them when it is in season. We though we try out this mango pudding and see how it compares with the fruit.


The pudding is made in Malaysia. It’s packaged in a plastic mold giving a nice shape. It looks good enough to serve as dessert when we have guests. We bought this for $1.68 each.


There were some nata de coco inside the pudding. Nata de coco is a chewy jelly like food product made from fermentation of coconut water. Nata de coco originates from the Philippines.


Suanne said she will keep this mold and reuse it something else. She can think of using it for making jelly but can you think of anything else this could be used for?


8 thoughts on “Cocon Kingo Pudding with Nata De Coco

  1. Hi,
    Just dropped by. Becoming a regular reader here ^_^ nice to meet you.

    My mum always uses this plastic moulds to make ice out of them 😀

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