Roast Pork from Parker Place

When it comes to meat, personally, nothing comes close in simplicity than the chinese Roast Pig. This is not the char siew or BBQ’d “roast pig” I am referring to here. Char Siew is char siew. I am referring to what is known as “siew yoke” in Cantonese.

There are minimal marinate involved in making this.


A lot of my chinese friends had always raved about the best Roast Pork in Richmond. Albert thinks that the best is from the small Master BBQ restaurant in the Real Canadian Superstore. However, a lot of people believes the Meat and BBQ shop in Parker Place is the best.


This Meat & BBQ shop in Parker Place is almost always busy with a line of of people queuing right out to the walkway. Even Andy from Portland, Oregon made a beeline for this place when he came over to Vancouver for a vacation a few months ago. This shop is that famous for people who likes roast pork.


The best thing about this roast pork that they are roasted to perfection in every instance. Unlike other place, where it’s sometimes a hit or miss depending on which pig or which cut you are given, the roast pork here are uniformly good. The best thing to me is that when we asked for leaner meat, we don’t get a thick soggy layer of pork fat.

Also, what is important is on the underside. Many roast pork either overcook the underside or over season it so much that it’s hard and salty. Not so for this place.


They do sell other meat too. Their soya chicken is quite popular too. The other popular item is the char siew — the BBQ pork which is more acceptable for Canadians. Char Siew is made with lean meat.


We buy the roast pork by weight. We normally order 1 lb and bring it home as a dish to go with rice. The butcher will try to cut the meat according to the part you want. It costs about $7 per pound.


Tell me now … where is your favourite place for the chinese style roast pork?

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  1. Kirk

    Hi Ben – That looks fabulous. I’d right up to the window drooling…..

  2. David

    I had maiale all’olio in Brescia last week, made in an open fireplace! Joined by a homemade Amarone.

  3. LotusRapper

    Mmm that looks so good, I love Chinese roast meats/poultry.

    I get my weekly BBQ fixes from this small butcher/BBQ shop on the ground level (market) of Crystal Place Mall in Metrotown. I get their BBQ meats on rice lunch boxes, exceptional deal for around $4-6.

    Another fine BBQ shop is on Pender just east of Main. I know it by its Chinese name something like “Wing Cheong” although in reality they may not even have an English shop name.

    Other decent places are restaurants like Ho Tak Kee or Congee Noodle House, both on Broadway on either side of Main St. Hon’s is okay too.

    I would avoid T&T Supermarket, their offerings are fatty, salty and generally low quality.

  4. maggie

    haha ,i am so happy because i can read your blog now.
    the food is really nice.i love Chinese food.

  5. Paul Sveda

    I just learned more about pork then I thought possible. Alas Van is a little too far to drive even for tasty pork that magic meat.

    You two would have had a great time critiquiing the local ribfest.

    Thanks for stopping by.


    Paul Sveda

  6. Emily

    This just looks so good, where oh where am I gonna find this in Paris? hmmm…I guess I’m just going to have to go on a quest!

  7. LotusRapper

    Emily – ou vous pouvez commencer votre propre magasin chinois de BBQ Ã Paris 🙂

    translated as: Emily – or you can begin your own Chinese store of BBQ in Paris 🙂

  8. sally

    The roast pork of the young pigs…I know little Babe. But, it is oh so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Erick

    Hi Ben,

    Love your Blog! We live in Seattle and go up to Vancouver almost once a month for the food…Richmond is always our destination! We have to wholeheartedly agree on this place. It has the best roast pork we’ve ever tasted and we’ve lived in HK! One of our servers in Sun Sui Wah recommended this place to us.

    What would be your recommendation for Roast Duck? We tried the roast duck at Parker Place but it didn’t come close to the roast pork nirvana!

  10. Ben

    Hi Erick: Roast duck? Well, we used to love this chinese restaurant on Garden City and Blundell. It’s just next to the Mac convenience store (not where the bigger strip mall). I think they have changed owner and since then we have never bought roast duck from there (oh, about 4 yrs since!). There was another on the place across the road from Superstore but that also had closed down. Let me ask around and I’ll let you know.

  11. May

    Have you tried the new butcher shop in Richmond Mall? It’s across from the McDonalds, and they sell char siu and other Chinese cooked meats too. Their char siu is delicious and the meat is surprisingly tender.

  12. Oh, I believe our friend’s father, who is a Chinese chef, also says that this is the top place for “roast pig”/roast pork. And wow, this post of yours is from a LONG time ago! Hmm, will ask about their pork jowl.

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