Bak Kut Teh Instant Noodles

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We found Bah Kut Teh instant noodles in the shops not too long ago. Although BKT is a common dish in Malaysia served with steamed rice but we have never come across a BKT flavoured instant noodles.


The instant noodles BKT costs 69 cents — not cheap as far as instant noodles goes. Unless you read Chinese, you will simply miss this on the store shelves. I mean, BKT should show a simmering pot on pork, shouldn’t it?


There were two packets of seasonings. The bigger packet contained the spices which gives the BKT flavour. For some reason, the packaging also included a packet of chilli powder. The BKT soup has never been cooked with chilli and is not supposed to be spicy, so this comes across to me a strange.


This A1 brand noodles is made in Singapore. Although BKT originated from Malaysia, I don’t think any Malaysian companies will manufacture BKT instant noodles because of its association with pork. 🙂

The noodle was not too bad except that I can detect the spiciness. The spiciness spoils it for me. The smell sure smells like BKT.


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  1. Mr.Y.Batra

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    After reviewing your website, we are keen to know further about your products and distributions, especially on the instant noddles. As what would be your best price delivered to Southall,Middlesex,U.K?

    What is the minimum quantity if an order is placed and if it’s possible to have a sample sent over.

    We look forwards to your reply.

    Best Regard,
    Mr.Y. Batra

  2. Hua Yen

    This BKT product is under license by the Ah koh Enterprise, which is the Malaysian company. Their is the firsti company to produce BKT instant noodle in Malaysia and Singapore lah.

    a Food product researcher in ASEAN Market

  3. Koh Lian Jie

    Dear All,

    I am one of the staffs from AKKOH Enterprise. Thanks for all of your support to our A1 brand product. Currently, we just created a facebook page, so hope you all can like and share it to your friends. .Also, hope you can continue support our brand and product.Thanks

    Lian Jie

  4. tung

    where can I buy these noodles in Singapore?????

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