Singapore-Malaysia Trip: Katong Laksa

On the last night in Singapore, I was alone with no one to join me for dinner. I remember seeing some brightly lit shophouses behind the hotel I was staying everytime I drove past. So, I thought I take a short walk and check out the shops.

Little did I realize that I had stumbled on the row of restaurants famous for the Katong Laksa. There are several shops serving the Katong Laksa and each claiming to be either the original or the best. They have signs and photos plastered all over the open-air restaurant supporting the claims.

I counted four restaurants along the stretch — each of them numbered. After surveying the stalls, I decided to try out the “49” shop. It’s on 49 East Coast Rd.


Unlike the other type of Laksas, Katong Laksa uses noodles that are cut up into smaller pieces so that the entire dish can be eaten with a spoon alone (without chopsticks).

The coconut-based broth is much thicker than the other variants of Laksa. It is certainly more richer. Also, instead of yellow egg-noodle, they use white lai-fun noodles.


This is what makes a great Laksa — Cockles! I had not come across laksa with cockles all the years I am in Vancouver. I enjoyed the Laksa a lot. It was really good even though I was sweating profusely on a hot and humid day in a restaurant with bad ventilation.


It appears that next to each of the Laksa stall were Fruit Rojak (fruit salad). Since I did not want to stay on in the restaurant, I bought some to-go so that I can eat in the comfort of my hotel room. The rojak is really good too. What I like best is that they toast the tau-pok and yutiao before they mix it up. This makes them really hard and crunchy — not mushy at all.

I’ll blog about Malaysia from tomorrow.

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  1. Sabrina

    Oh, Katong Laksa, my favourite. Seeing your blog make me miss all the good food in Singapore.

  2. Lea

    Wow. That soup looks beautifully delish.

  3. Emily

    Real Laksa!!! wow and it looks so excellent too!

    You know, I did the home version based on various internet recipes but when you really see what they make there…it’s fascinating!

    and such an inspiration to travel too, tks!

  4. eastcoastlife

    Hi Ben!
    Great that you found Katong Laksa. There are another 2 Laksa stalls opposite No.49. We Singaporeans think the other 2 are better. Had you known me earlier, I would have brought you around Katong when you were here. I live just 5 mins away.

  5. Jessica


    Since you’ve travelled all over Asia…and I’m planning my first trip (this June), have you ever heard of Jet Star Blue airlines? Is it safe?

    They have flights from HK to Singapore for $200. Planning a week in HK with a stop in Singapore!

  6. Ben

    Hi Jessica:
    I have never heard of Jetstar Blue airlines before. How are you getting from YVR to HKG? Oasis Air have really cheap (but restrictive) fares. What is it in Singapore that appeals to you, if I may ask? I figured that Thailand being nearer to HKG, cheaper and much more fun for most people.

  7. Jessica

    I am planning to book on Oasis since it’s so cheap ($850 w/tax).

    I know it’s dumb but the reason Singapore appeals to me is because my favorite food is Singapore Noodles! I wanted to see what “real” Singapore noodles taste like!

    HK because I just think it’s cool and it’s a short ferry ride from Macau!

    Never been to Asia before so I can’t wait til June!

  8. Iande

    home sweet home!

    I will be going home to Singapore from Seattle after 2 years and be certain, Laksa is one of the many home food I will be having.

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