Singapore-Malaysia Trip: Secret Recipe’s Cakes

I met up with Sin Seong, Kok Keong and Terence right after the supper in Putrajaya. They were my Boys Brigade buddies. We had served in the Boys Brigade from our early teen days right up to our twenties. I remember that we used to go out for supper until very late at night, talked during camping trips the whole night … those were the days!

We met at the Secret Recipe Cakes and Cafe. I don’t know where I was really because Terence did the driving. KL had changed a lot and there are a lot of new neighbourhoods. Anyway, it appears that there are a lot of Secret Recipes all over the city.


Secret Recipe’s specialties are their cakes — in particular chocolate cakes and cheese cakes. We ordered some drinks and a few pieces of cakes to share. Sin Seong claimed that their chocolate banana cake is the best around. It was really creamy and has a rich layer of chocolate coating. The banana provides a certain lightness to the flavour. This is really good … hmmm, I wonder what Suanne would say if I asked her to try making one of these. By the way, each piece costs RM5.50 (about USD$1.50).


We also ordered a Black Pepper Lamb Pie. I actually did not eat this at all — not that it’s not good. The filling looks very appealing and juicy. This one costs RM5.80 / USD $1.50.


The Chocolate Fudge Cake is a lot like the chocolate banana cake. Equally creamy and rich. I had hoped that the slices are bigger.


Over all the prices of the cakes are quite OK but what is expensive is their drinks. A small glass of Coke is RM4 / USD$1 — truly exorbitant for Malaysian standards.

While the cakes were great, what I truly enjoyed the most was the time I had catching up with them. Even though it had been so long since I last met them, it was like it was only yesterday.

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  1. polly

    it’s really remind me “cake time” with my sister in KL. Secret recipe is one of ours special place. Hope I can continue with Suanne my “cake time” in vancouver too, hahhahha

  2. Keztral

    Caaaake… must eat cake.

  3. James

    That chocolate fudge cake has got my mouth watering its a shame the slice is way too small i would end up ordering 3-4 slices and would still want more.

  4. Chubbypanda

    I love Asian cakes with fruit fillings. Never had banana in a chocolate cake before, though. Still, given how well banana and chocolate play together, it can’t help but be good.

    – Chubbypanda

  5. Shireen Ng Siew Leng

    Cake look taste nice but very expensive…………
    hopefully you can lower the prices of the cakes.

    Thank you
    Keep up the good works

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