Shucking Oysters

Rasa Malaysia and Mama Bok commented yesterday that they love oysters but the problem is that they do not know how to shuck them. Well, I am no expert myself having done this for the first time. Although the shell looks impossible to pry open, it is much easier than I originally thought.

It is better and safer to use a Oyster Knife. I got mine from the dollar store for, well, just a dollar.


A oyster knife have a little shield to protect your fingers when you apply force. Also, the blade is thick and sturdy with a pointed tip.


You want to protect yourself and use a piece of cloth to hold down the oyster. The oyster have one side that is flatter than the other — place the rounded side at the bottom. This way the liquid in the oyster will not spill out.

You start with the pointed end of the oyster where the hinge is. Rock and pierce into the oyster and work your way around until the shell opens up.


It’s kind of hard explaining it but here is a video on shucking oyster I found on youtube.


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  1. Rasa Malaysia

    Hey Chow Times, you are so nice…thanks for this article…I shall head out to my 1 dollar store soon! You should make a YouTube movie to teach us readers. 🙂

    You rock!

  2. Mama Bok

    Wow..! i thought you were a pro.. with those oysters.. 🙂 Thanks for the tips.. 😉 i’ll try it..and let you know how i make out.. 🙂

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