Brussels Series: Belgian Chocolates

Believe it or not … the only chocolates that I bought was these chocolate eggs in Brussels. I did pop by some of the famous chocolatiers in Brussels but they were either too expensive and I simply had not room in my bag to carry a single box of them. Even these cheap chocolates which I bought from Hema was a class above other cheap chocolate eggs — definitely much creamier.


But guess what … when I got home, WB and KC came by our home and dropped off a box of Belgian chocolates! Well … what do you know?

I can only name the following famous Belgian chocolate brands … Neuhaus, Godiva and Guylian. What are the other brands you know of?


WB and KC brought us a box of Godiva. Although originally a Belgian brand, it is now also manufactured in the US by of all people, the Campbell Soup company.


Godiva’s signature package is the Gold Ballotin, that is French for ?small, elegant gift box?. All of them looked so delicious. Half the enjoyment is reading up each of the piece and then tasting it.


We believe this box costs about CAD$30. Wow … that’s so generous of WB and KC to share this box with us; we were touched. Thanks a bunch! Indeed, “Life is like box of chocolates …” don’t you think?


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  1. sue

    Hehe, I only know Guylian chocolate. 🙂 But I don’t know why those yummy chocolates have to be so expensive.

  2. Ben

    Hi Sue: Chocolates are expensive simply because of the process. In simple terms, the conching process for cheap chocolate could take 4 hrs while high-quality chocs takes up to 72 hours.

  3. Lisa

    The sort of Belgian chocolate I know is called ‘leonidas (pralines)’. Theyre (of course) expensive, but taste so good!

  4. Jan VD

    Hi, I’m Belgian and would like to comment that chocolates bought in Hema, a Dutch supermarket, aren’t Belgian and can’t have the same quality as it is a mass product made in some factory. Dutchmen don’t have a great food and beerculture and tradition as Belgians have. Did you know for instance that french fries were actually invented in Belgium?
    Is there a big genuine Belgian chocolate/beer demand in the USA?

    Thx Jan VD

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