Cascade Pizza in Bellingham, WA

Ever since we had started blogging two years ago, we had never met up with any fellow bloggers. That is not until around the (US) Thanksgiving last year. We had been in contact with Jennifer from Pie Is The New Toast for some time and had agreed to meet up if we are in the Bellingham area. Actually, Jennifer had already blogged on our meet-up here.

Suanne and I went spent a day in the US during Black Friday for shopping. We had been there shopping almost every Black Friday but do find it is somewhat subdued this year. After 10 hours of walking around malls, our feet were killing us.


The Cascade Pizza is an Italian restaurant located on Meridian Street. If you know where Bellis Fair Mall is, you’ll easily find this place. Bellis Fair is on the intersection of I-5 and Meridian. So, you just drive south bound along Meridian for 1.5 miles after the I-5 intersection.

The Cascade Pizza is one of Jennifer’s favourite restaurant. What we like about this place is that the quality of the food is good and the price really reasonable. It was a great choice of restaurant, Jennifer.


The Garlic Bread looked absolutely delicious. We like it with lots of garlic spread and we can see how much the spread had soaked into the bread. And most important of all, it is toasted to a crunch.


The Lasagna and Ribs were some of the richest, creamiest lasagna we had tried. It was just excellent and the portions were generous. What I enjoyed most about this is the ribs … they were simply beyond great. For $8.95 and the portion we had, I really find this value for money.

One thing that Suanne and I find about the ribs in the US … they are much bigger than what we normally find in Canada. Every since, MammaViv raved about how she will make trips to the US to buy ribs, we had been comparing the ribs we find in Vancouver’s Safeway, Safe-On-Foods, Costco, Superstore, etc against what we find in the US. The ones we buy from the US is like twice the size of the puny ribs we have here. So, nowadays, we almost end up buying ribs back from our shopping trips to the US.


The Garlic Chicken Pizza with white sauce was great stuff. We ordered that pizza because it had uncommon ingredients for a pizza. The small pizza costs $10.95 and still it was way too much for us.

It was great being able to meet up with fellow bloggers and to be able to put a face to a name. Jennifer, it was a great choice of restaurant. Suanne and I really enjoyed this place — we would not have found this on our own. So, where will you show us the next time meet up again?

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  1. Nordy

    I never post comments, but after seeing this, I just had to. Awesome Blog you’ve got.
    I do something similar too. But not with food. I like photographing… well… roads!
    See it here:

  2. Jennifer

    I had a wonderful time meeting you both! I will definitely look at more restaurants to check out this next time around. I keep hearing great things about Stanello’s down in Fairhaven, and I’ve heard many good things about Mykono’s Greek Restaurant just off the I-5 at the Bakerview exit. I have never had Greek food before, so it would be interesting to try!

    I am so glad you enjoyed Cascade Pizza, it’s a favorite of ours. My husband was just there on Saturday! 🙂

  3. Hungry Malaysian

    Stanello has great pizzas. Their crust is absolutely the best.

    As far as Malaysian food, I highly recommend Malay Satay Hut in Redmond, WA. They also have a branch in Seattle Chinatown, but my only experience there has been dissapointing.

  4. DougP

    I’m really interested in the spaghetti sauce recipe. Its flavor is delicious and unique…something very savory and not sweet…I’m going to call and ask for a hint. anyone have any thoughts?


    1. DougP

      To clarify…I’m talking cascade pizza. used to eat there all the time as a college student many moons ago…went back with daughter during 2009 rimland cup soccer tournament.

  5. Darcy

    I agree whole heartedly with your comments about ribs quality in the states. I buy the back ribs at Costco in Bellingham and they are so meaty. In Canada they leave almost no meat on the bone.

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