The Boss Bakery and Restaurant in Vancouver’s Chinatown

Vancouver’s Chinatown is known as the second largest Chinatowns in North America. Only the one in San Francisco is larger than Vancouver’s. Frankly, it had been on a decline for many years now. We used to go to Chinatown often for food and groceries but no longer. We could get what we wanted and more just about anywhere in Metro Vancouver these days.


Suanne and I decided to take a drive to Chinatown a weekend a few weeks ago. The boys were off doing their air cadet stuff and we had time for our own. We checked out a few places but many of the restaurants really looked very dirty. The one that seems the cleanest is The Boss.


The Boss Bakery and Restaurant is located at the 500 block of Main St. I believe they are the same restaurant as The Boss in Metrotown which I used to blog here. (BTW, the one in Metrotown was closed the last time I pass by a couple of weeks ago … am not sure if they are undergoing renovation).


Don’t be deceived by the picture I took above. It’s just that the angle shows a quite classy restaurant. It is not! It is by no means dirty but rather quite clean for a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.


They gave a huge menu which they place under a glass top — just like they do in the Metrotown restaurant. I know it’s kind of corny but it’s practical if you ask me. I get seated and there is the menu right in front of me … no need to wait for the server to bring along one.


However, they have a very limited menu for breakfast and I mean very limited. They only have the breakfast menu you see above and congee.


I had the congee which was quite good and has in it three types of meatballs, fish, shrimp and beef. What I like most is the raw ginger they put into this. For $4.75, it’s quite cheap.


Suanne had the Breakfast combo which included quite a lot of dishes … it includes the dinner roll above right down to all the items below! The Boss is principally a bakery and they make great pastries. The dinner roll were fresh out of the oven … soft and smell really good.


Next was the pork chop and eggs. The pork chop was moist and juicy … really nice.


Suanne does not like eggs and so I had hers. Sunny side up is the best if you ask me. Now … for those of you who normally have eggs with ketchup, you MUST try it with white pepper and soya sauce. This beats ketchup 1000 times.


The combo also included a Shredded Chicken with Pasta in Soup. It was quite bland. I am not a fan of these type of pasta in soup … it’s pretty tasteless but I guess it is popular because it’s a chock full of carbohydrates.


And … there’s a cup of beverage too for $1 extra.


The bill is only $11.29. You can’t beat this place for value. When you’re here, check out their Chinese pastries.

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  1. RobynT

    I love soy sauce on eggs, but for some reason only when the yolk is raw (like over-easy). I like to mix the eggs with rice and soy sauce.

  2. LotusRapper

    Robyn, I do the exact same thing. I place a sunny-side up egg right on top of a bowl of white rice, then sprinkle light soy and light (white) pepper. Mmmm. As “side” dishes I love some pork floss and Taiwan-style soyed cucumbers (comes in small jars).

    Talk about the full meal deal. Been doing this since I was a kid !

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