Sockeye City Grill in Steveston Village

After the picnic at the Steveston Park, Polly, WB and I proceed to Steveston Village for lunch. Steveston Village is a historic site where the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, the Britania Heritage Shipyard and the Murakami Visitor Center are located. It’s a popular visitor destination in Richmond.


One can also purchase the fresh catch from the sea at the Fisherman’s Wharf or go for whale watching adventure.


Sockeye City Grill is just located on the pier of the Fisherman’s Wharf. There are several fish and chips restaurants here but Polly and WB said Sockeye City is the best.


In this time of the year, the outdoor patio is usually full.


But the little girls prefer to sit inside instead. The interior is cozy and has a nice view overlooking the pier too.


We had our drinks orders taken first. Soft drinks cost $2.75. Kid’s meal comes with a free drink.


Out of the above condiments, ketchup is the most popular among the kids.


Nanzaro insisted not to order from the kid’s menu. So, I had the kid’s meal instead as I’m not hungry yet after all the snacks at the picnic. One can choose between fish and chips, burger and chips, chicken and chips, pasta with cheese or grilled cheese and chips for the kid’s meal. The kid’s meal costs $6.75.


Nanzaro ordered Grilled wild BC Sockeye Salmon which costs $17.95. The salmon is fire grilled and comes with mango cilantro salsa, grilled seasonal vegetables and basmati rice. Well, I got to eat all the vegetables though.


WB got this Salmon Sandwich for $12.95. It’s a crusty bread topped with chunks of grilled salmon, cucumber slices, lettuce, tomato and onions. The sandwich also comes with a big portion of fries.

The service was quite slow perhaps due to the crowd during lunch time. If you are visiting Steveston Village, you sure have to try their fries. There is a take out counter where you can order some simple food for you to enjoy while you leisurely walking the board walk and take in the scenery.

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  1. KimHo

    Were you in Steveston on Friday? I was there taking pictures (I made a post yesterday – see website) and, for some odd reason, after seeing a couple of pictures of your family, I thought I saw you there. Of course, it could be my imagination…

    Questions for you regarding fish & chips. In your experience:

    1) Which is the best fish & chips restaurant?
    2) Do you prefer battered fish or breaded fish? I know making it breaded fried fish does not automatically fish & chips, but would like to hear/read you opinion anyway.
    3) And the sort of eternal question: cod, haddock, halibut or salmon?


  2. ed.chan

    Although I would rather go to Pajo’s in Steveston (provided the weather’s nice), I do like Sockeye’s battered oysters. Yummy!

    That kids meal looks like a pretty decent proportion too. Whenever I eat Fish & Chips, I’m usually exhausted after eating 1 piece; good by very greasy.

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