Washington DC: Breakfast at Waffle House

This is the last day of our stay in Washington DC. The day was going to be spent in Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. Since it was going to be a 2.5 hours drive southbound from Washington DC, we had an early start and make a stop somewhere along the way for breakfast. We knew there will be lots of eating places along the interstate, so no worries there even though we don’t know of any particular place.


We stopped at a Waffle House. I remembered going to a Waffle House once when I was in Atlanta on business and really enjoyed the food there. I blogged about it here.


I would describe the Waffle House as a greasy spoon place. Not sure about you. I mean, I see many of their customers scruffy looking, unshaven, etc. LOL! The place was so unexpectedly noisy … full of chatter. I expected breakfast places to be quiet because most people would have been still half-asleep. Not here … boy, the customers and the workers sure had a lot of things to talk about!


And I do also term Waffle House as smoker friendly. This is because they actually have a smoking section which is what you see at the row at the far end. First thing we walked into the place, we were asked if we wanted smoking or non-smoking. Suanne half wanted to turn around immediately as second hand smoke irritates her big time. It was not so bad where they put us … no hint of smoke there.


Their coffee was awesome — double thumbs up, I say. They came with the breakfast order and unlimited refill too. Great stuff.


I had the All Star Special which consists of toasts, two eggs, hash browns and a choice of sausage or bacon (I had bacon). I ordered the eggs scrambled and it was too dry for my liking. It was alright because I drenched it in ketchup anyway. I prefer soya sauce with my eggs but I forgot to pack them on this trip even though I had that on the packing list. Ketchup was a good alternative.


Wait … that’s not all. The All Star Special also included a waffle. For $6.99 which also included the coffee, this is good value for a breakfast.


Suanne ordered the Toddle House Ham and Cheese Omelette. The sausage was OK. The cheese omelette on the other hand was much better … it was very fluffy and creamy. Toddle House … know what that means? I think it refers to the precursor restaurant to Waffle House where the small outlets have no tables but just a counter with a row of stools … and that people pay with an honor system (i.e. drop the right amount on the way out).

It was a good meal … and one good measure is how your clothes smell like on the way out. They smell like grill — not smoke.

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  1. Sofei

    The cheese omelette looks really cute! I can tell it must be really fluffy and creamy!

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