Philadelphia: Philly’s Gourmet Cafe at The Bourse

Around the area called the Independence National Historical Park are many buildings. Some are small and others, like the Philadelphia Bourse are large “modern” multi-storey buildings.


The Philadelphia Bourse was the first commodities exchange in America. Today, it is just an office building and also a place where tourist had food in their visit to the Independence National Historic Park.


They have a good variety of choices with the Box Lunch Program where for a few bucks you can pick up burgers, sandwiches, fried chickens and almost every kind of take aways you could think of.


We went to a sit down place called the Philly’s Gourmet Cafe. This place is meant to cater to the hoard of tourists with a huge variety of food choices.


You get to pick what you want and they charge you by the weight of the food.


I like breakfasts like this because I get to choose only the amount I want. I also had a piece of Bourbon Chicken because it looked so delish. I had never come across a place like this in Vancouver — anyone know of one?

I had no idea how this works. They charges solely by the weight of the food. Suanne and I tried to figure out what would give us the best value for money.


Coffee is not by weight though.


The picture above is just out of place but I like it so much I thought I stick it here. I want to go into a tirade on the importance The First Amendment is but I’ll leave it to you guys to just read it for yourself. It’s late for me … gotta hit the sack right after publishing this post.

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  1. ET

    Ah, the cost of food determined by weight. Reminds me of the one (and only) time we went to the Mongolie Grill – we were also playing the game of figuring out what gave us the best bang for the buck. Ixnay on the veggies and sauces!!

  2. Jessica

    When I’m in Metrotown I like going to U-Grill and always end up with a pile of su choy, sprouts and mushrooms and only a little meat since it’s priced by weight too! But, they don’t charge for their sauce or rice.

  3. StyleDish

    There are a few salad places around town where you can pick and your veggies, and/or fruit, and/or cold foods (ie cold pasta etc) and they charge you by the weight. There’s a new italian bakery in Yaletown called Sciue where you can choose different pizza slices and you get charged by the weight

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