An Nam Restaurant in Richmond

Updated: 24th Dec 2014; This restaurant had relocated to No. 3 Road.

We just came across a new kid in the block, so to speak. There is a new Vietnamese Pho place located on Granville Ave between No 3 Rd and Garden City. It is actually just next to Value Village. I had always thought that there is a dearth of Pho places in Richmond but speaking to Suanne now apparently, there are lots of them. See if I can name all of them:

Thai Son ? Pho Viet ? Pho Lan ? Pho 99 ? Westlake ? Green Lemongrass ? Pho Hoa


We recall that this place used to be a Chinese Restaurant and we distinctly remembered that we did not go to that Chinese restaurant because it was once closed by the Health authorities for pest infestation. But from the outside now, this place had a new fresh cleaner look. This certainly looked like a Pho place unlike all others.


Walking in we went wow … this place is perhaps the cleanest Pho restaurant we had ever been to. Everything is spanking new and very well organized. It is also the brightest pho restaurant we had ever been to. They even have several wide screen TVs placed all over the place. We liked it immediately.


Arkensen ordered the Mix Beef Pho. He had the large order. Their menu had this as $7 for the large and $6 for the smaller serving. I took a sip of the broth … it was good and flavourful. It does look quite clear but it tastes good. Arkensen liked this a lot.


The bean sprouts that came with the Pho was very fresh. How can I tell? Firstly by the color as it has to be perfectly white, especially the roots ends. They serve the bean sprout cold. Does anyone know why some places serve them cold while other serve them blanched?


For me, I had the Grill Pork and Spring Roll with Vermicelli. I find that this is a bit too bland to my liking. The fish sauce in particular did not impart much of a taste to it. But what I really liked is the spring roll which had the rougher skin … you know … sort of dimpled type … you know what I mean? What is the word for it? *shrugs*

The Grill Pork was awesome especially as it was served with with some crushed peanuts. I really liked this and I think you would too. Again, the vermicelli is kind of bland … to bad or else this would have been perfect! This one is $7.50.


Suanne was a little bit more adventurous this time and ordered the Vietnamese Pan Cake. It was like crepes and was filled with pork, prawn, and bean sprouts. On the side there were the assortment of greens. We could not figure how to eat this. It was huge. Do we stuff the greens into the pan cake? Put the greens on top of the crepe or what?

Suanne ended up making a mess of this but still it was good. The soft warm and meaty crepe went well with the cold crunch of the greens. This one costs $8.50.


An Nam takes only cash and does not accept credit cards yet. We like this place and will certainly come back again next time. You should check this place out and I think you will appreciate how clean this place is.

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  1. K.

    mmm…i love vietnamese crepes! i always eat them like a lettuce wrap: put bits of the crepe in the lettuce with the herbs, dip in nuoc cham–yummy!

  2. Christine

    When we eat banh xeo, the way you eat it depends on the mood you’re in. Most people wrap it, just as K mentioned, while others just mix it all in a bowl. It all works.

  3. Sandy

    I’m guessing that spring rolls with the rougher, dimpled skin use rice paper for the wrapper. But from your photo, the spring rolls look smoother, and those are usually egg roll wrappers.

    The usual way to serve bean sprouts is raw with pho because they’ll cook a bit when you dunk them in the broth. Most places will blanch the bean sprouts if you request it.

  4. Christina

    Hey Ben! ET and I went to try this restaurant as soon as we read your post 🙂 Talking about efficient here! We love it. ET couldn’t stop drinking the soup in the pho. He thinks it’s once of the best soup he had. He also got the pancake which you had. He likes that too. I love the spring rolls. Good recommendation!


  5. J

    Fresh bean sprout is how it is eaten in Vietnam. However since Vietnamese food is so popular with Chinese, they blanched it to accommodate Chinese taste who prefer it cooked than raw. I like it raw.

  6. Lan

    banh xeo is eatten wrapped in lettuce and dipped in the sauce… or if you’re lazy… just douse the nuoc mam over it and eat with chopsticks.

  7. Gordon

    best pho in richmond!! i go there every week!!!

    1. Ozzt

      Pretty much as authentic as it gets yes. .., and the higlnahders never had shrimp rolls. ..,and if you ever have pho with beef.., it’s garbage. Chicken, or pork.., period.It’s all in the broth.., that’s what their main staple is all about.One time i did have it., where the bits of pork where fried in a wok with a very hot sauce.., [ I mean – take the chrome off a bumber hot.! ] that was very good. .., but only once never saw it done again anywhere. To this day I don’t know if they were giving me a treat or trying to chase me out of the village politely.I have heard that along the coast the villagers make it with fish sometimes but I have never had that variety/style/recipe. It sounds as though it would work/taste very well. Fish is a main diet for the Vietnamese.

  8. Fuzzy

    Went here with my mom a few weeks ago and was really impressed. Pho was delicious and the service was friendly. Can’t wait to go back and am excited to have a great Pho place within walking distance of my home!

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