Urbanspoon on iPhone and iPod Touch

Hey. If you have an iPhone or a IPod Touch, you really want to to download the Urbanspoon app from the Apple App Store. It is a free app. We had it downloaded on Arkensen’s iPod Touch and had lots of fun with it. It is both practical and fun to boot. This YouTube will explain how the simple app works.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAigag-2OSU]

This is a really unique and clever piece of software … and it really works. After you had downloaded it, it is smart enough to know your location and narrow your search to the location you are currently in. This is made possible by the built in GPS.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download the app h-e-r-e.

Some of you have noticed that we had started to put in the Urbanspoon buttons at the bottom of our restaurant reviews lately. Since we had started doing it a couple of months ago, we had managed to climb to the #1 spot of the most number of blog reviews (over 200) made on Urbanspoon worldwide and slowly climbing up on their World Wide Leaderboard.


Urbanspoon is a Seattle based company and that is why you see a lot of the top reviewers are from the Seattle area.

There are tons of restaurant review sites on the internet but I really think Urbanspoon is truly one of the best around and is run by really smart people. They currently have presence in the US and Canada but had recently spread to include London and Australia too.

BTW, this is NOT a paid advertisement for Urbanspoon!!

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  1. Jessica

    Hey Ben,

    I signed up for Urban Spoon a couple months ago but the “profile widget” page is always blank. Tried it from home and work with both Firefox and Explorer. Any ideas?

  2. Ben

    Hi Jessica: My “profile widget” is blank too but I don’t think you really need that. You only need the Image Link to the restaurant you are reviewing. You go the the Urbanspoon page for the restaurant and then click on “Add you review to this page” link. Hope this helps. Ben

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