Chowtimes Back On-Line

You have no idea.


You have no idea how stressed both Suanne and I were when chowtimes account was suspended for two agonizing hours this afternoon. After a frantic call to our web host support line, we were told that the account had been suspended because a traffic spike had frozen the MySQL database. They refused to reinstate the account unless we take steps address the issue or move chowtimes out of their shared servers.

We had encountered our account being temporarily suspended before … but each time, it was just for a few minutes before the admin folks restarted the site for us. The temporary suspension happens especially when we get Stumbled Upon. I guess they got fed up with chowtimes and decided to categorize us as “spam”.

After some quick research, we finally installed a plugin on WordPress call WP-Super-Cache. Oh man … chowtimes is like a speed demon now. We should have done this ages ago. I think you will like the blazing loading speed now.

It’s good now … it’s all good … life goes on.


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  1. ET

    Hey Ben, I was also looking into installing WP Super Cache as I haven’t been too impressed with the response times of my site. Your experience pushed me over the fence and I finally got it installed last night. Things are really speedy now. 🙂

  2. Ben

    Hi ET: Oh yeah! I actually checked your site before I even saw your email and for a moment I noticed your site came up quite instantly. I have not quite figured out the who Garbage Collection thingy and I see lots of expired cache which does not seem to clear by itself. I totally think that all WordPress site should have WP Super Cache installed. it’s the best plugin I had ever installed. Ben

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