Best of 604 — Nominate Your Favourite Food Site

Hey All:

I know this is like shameless self-promotion … guilty as charged! We are hoping to get a little bit of visibility on the Vancouver blogosphere. All these while Suanne and I had focused on networking with local food bloggers but we thought it would be great to expand our world a little bit more.

You see, there is a Metro Vancouver Online nomination launched this week. The local Vancouver website is currently seeking nominations for the best sites in Metro Vancouver. They are conducting the nomination process for various site categories, including food related sites located on the 604 area code (that’s Vancouver for you non-Vancouverites).


So … I was wondering if anyone of you would care to nominate chowtimes for the Best Food Site or Directory category? If you do, you can put in your nomination for your best food site through THIS PAGE. Nominations starts today and ends mid next week.

Ben and Suanne

Update 27Nov: Hi All: We did not realize that there will be so many readers who had nominated chowtimes. Thanks for all the support! I think the nomination is enough as for now! The nomination will end mid next week and immediately after that will be the voting phase. Once again, THANKS!

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  1. George

    I visit your site daily and enjoy reading your reviews. You go my vote – from a fellow Richmondite!

  2. Ben

    Hi George (and everyone else who nominated chowtimes): I checked the nomination list this morning and was totally awed by the nominations for chowtimes. It was very x3 much appreciated and thanks a lot!! Ben and Suanne

  3. ET

    Late to the party, but one more just to seal the deal… 🙂

  4. Angie

    You got my vote too!

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