Splitz Grill on Main St in Vancouver

Nanzaro is like a pitbull. When they latch on to you they never let go. Nothing makes them let go of their deadly jaws.

For some unknown reason, he had been hankering Suanne and I for “gourmet” burgers … not just any burgers … but GOURMET burgers. McDonalds, Burger King and the likes will not do.

Nanzaro did some research over the net and narrowed his choices to either Splitz, Burger Etc or Moderne Burger. We settled for Splitz because the slogan on the http://splitzgrill.com website says “a true gourmet burger joint”.


It had been quite a while since Suanne and I last had burgers. Moreover, it is good to have non-Asian food for a change.

Splitz is located on Main St at 27th in Vancouver. This place is actually a spin off from the very popular burger joint in Whistler.


Ordering here requires you to go through the process of first placing your order at the front of the aisle. You then move on to the garnish station where you tell them the sauce and toppings you want. Most of the toppings are included in the price but some are extras, like sauteed mushrooms and bacon.


The dining area is spacious and clean. It was not really comfortable but I do think that this is really fast food where people pop in, grab a sandwich, eat and go.


Both Nanzaro and Arkensen ordered the Legendary Splitz Burger Combo. The combo costs $9.45 which included a small fries and small fountain drink. I am not sure why but Nanzaro ordered his pretty plain. He hates greens and so just opted for honey mustard despite me telling him he can have as many sauce or toppings he wants.

Despite the simple burger, it really looked very enticing — moist and juicy. This really shows how well they do burgers.


Arkensen had the same as Nanzaro’s but he had the basics … ketchup, honey mustard, tomato and lettuce.


Suanne and I shared a burger because we know it will be too much for if we ordered one for ourselves. We had the Grilled Lamb Burger (no combo) which costs $7.75. I asked for the Splitz Sauce and Medium Salsa for the sauce and everything but pickles (I don’t fancy pickles).

It was stacked up high.


It was quite hard and messy to eat because of its size.


We did not get the combo for the Lamb Burger because we wanted to try the Splitz Fries. We all love their fries — deep fried to a perfect crunch. The Splitz Fries had cheese and gravy … much like a poutine but not quite.


The Spiltz Fries costs $4.95 for a large one. One thing we like about this is that the cheese and gravy goes down to the bottom of the cup unlike most poutines we had that had the gravy and cheese curd only on the top. You need a fork to eat this.


Nanzaro was a happy camper alright. He decided to buy us a Sundae out of his angpow money he got from a Chinese New Year gathering the day before. The Sundae was $4.25 and he choosed Smarties for toppings.


The bill came to just under $40 (note that the Sundae was bought separately). Suanne and I likes their burgers but our boys love it more.


Before we left, they left their mark on the graffiti wall. This is what Nanzaro wrote …

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  1. KimHo

    Hi Ben,

    C’mon, give your kids a break. At least they are starting to make some decisions! Besides non-Asian once in a while is no so bad. If you are up to the challenge of burgers, you should go to Save on Meats in Downtown Eastside.

    Question about the Splitz fries that looks like a poutine but it is not: Aside it is a quad-bypass waiting to happen (hey, fat tastes good!), do you find it too fatty or rich? For an Asian palate, that is.

    1. Ben

      Hi Kim Ho: No, not at all … it’s not too fatty or rich for us. As a matter of fact, we enjoyed it.

  2. LotusRapper


    Unfortunately I had two rather disappointing meals at Splitz. I won’t go into details here, but I don’t plan on going back ๐Ÿ™

    Not to hijack this thread, but The Red Onion in Kerrisdale (W.41st, btwn E. Boulevard and Maple) is one of the best independent (ie: non-chain) burger diners in the city. They’ve been there for 30+ years I believe. Burgers and hot dogs are amazing and to die for, the char-grilled beef patties are simply some of the best locally. So are their milkshakes, pies and salads. A very family place and a local gem. Do try them out ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ben

      Thanks LotusRapper. I trust your recommendation on The Red Onion — will definitely check it out. But am dying to know what Splitz did to make you not go back anymore. Pray tell! Was it the service, the food, what?

      1. LotusRapper

        Went to The Red Onion recently. Same foods, same atmosphere, same people (more or less). The place feels like it’s in a time warp going back 20 years when I first went there !

        But the prices have all gone up, by approximately 30%. Admittedly even in the late 80s/early 90s their prices were low and hard to beat. So nowadays they are pricing accordingly to the times. But for the honesty and quality of their foods, I would still argue TRH is a great value and a gem in the local community.

        MUST have their pecan pie ….. to die for !

        1. LotusRapper

          Ooops, meant to type “TRO” = The Red Onion

  3. koji

    i went to red onion once and walked out cuz after being there for 15 minutes, no one wanted to serve us.

    i hear moderne burger is really good, but i like vera’s still.

    ben, those splitz burgers, the patties look a bit on the small side.

  4. gigi

    I had the same experience as koji at Red Onion so I’ve only been there once too.

    My favourite gourmet burger joint is definitely Moderene Burger…although I haven’t not been since they re-opened after extensive renovations. The regular burger with mushrooms added is excellent and I also really like the dipping sauce that comes with their fries!

  5. Hubert

    Ben, if you’re feeling adventurous, check out the burgers at the Save-On-Meats cafe on East Hastings. The patties are perfectly seasoned and is smooth and tender imho. Word is the place is going to close in a couple of months so check it out while you can!

  6. LotusRapper

    Adding to Hubert’s comment, if you buy any steak over ONE(?) lb. weight, go to the back where the cafe is and the staff will cook it up for you the way you like it for $5(?).

  7. Chrystal

    So cute your son treated you icecream from his Laisee money..



    1. Ben

      Ohhh … careful now. If Nanzaro knows someone is calling him cute, he goes ballistic. LOL! He hates people calling him cute.

  8. KimHo

    LotusRapper, actually, it is a steak UNDER one pound and they will cook it for you for $5, fries and veggies included. I took a picture of their menu when I did a guest post for Jessica. You can check it here.

  9. LotusRapper


    To briefly answer your question, both times I ate Splitz the food was mediocre. Certainly IMHO not worth the prices paid. On the second time, they made mistakes on my order, and upon my request for a change, they did so grudgingly without courtesy or as much as a “sorry”. While some of their other foods may be good, for me my burger dollars have been better spent elsewhere at:

    The Red Onion (as mentioned)
    Moderne Burger
    Fat Burger
    The Tomahawk Grill (North Shore)


  10. KimHo

    LotusRapper, I guess we all end up having bad experiences in places where others are happy/enjoyed it. In my case, I visited one of the restaurants you listed (won’t mention which to protect the “innocent”) and was harassed because I had my camera with me. Now, it wasn’t the waitresses (who did not care); instead it was one of the managers/owners.

  11. CP

    Splitz burgers are amazing! The first time I had it was in Whistler, I now crave for more. Even Vera’s can’t satisfy the spot (I find the meat a bit grilled longer than needed, hence, dry)

    I really enjoy reading your blog since I’m quite the foodie too!

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