Chowtimes Readers Dinner: Anyone Interested?

You know what Suanne and I would like to do?

We would like to organize a dinner among Chow Times readers again.  The last (and only) time we organized one was back in January 2008 when we managed to fill a table of 10.  We went to the Tong Kung Chiu Chow Restaurant in Richmond to try Chiu Chow cuisine (that restaurant had since closed, sad to say).  Suanne and I had a great time — we were so glad to get to know real names and faces behind commenter handles.


Since that dinner in Tong Kung, there are a lot more people who had been following Chow Times.  For some of you, I felt like I know you already — but not quite.  However, all of us have one in common.  We are foodies.  Foodies do one thing — we seek out good food.  What better way to enjoy food than to mix good food with good company.

So, can Suanne and I have the honour of your company for dinner?  I have an idea in mind and I think it will be a culinary experience, not too expensive (like less than $30) and will be wmewhere you probably had not been to before.  I will see if I could work out a deal (using the good name of Chow Times, he he he).  That much I can tell you … just a teaser!  LOL!

Suanne and I are thinking of doing it on a Saturday for dinner sometime in mid-June (13th or 20th).  If you are interested, just shoot me an email at  We really look forward to meeting all of you who had been following Chow Times.

Foodies Unite!

Ben and Suanne

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  1. Angie

    Count me in!

  2. wyn

    I’m interested. You can just email me back at the email you see from this comment.

  3. Joyce

    Ben & Suanne:

    I’m interested. Either date works for me although June 20 is preferred. I hope to meet you guys soon!


    1. Suanne

      Hi Joyce, Wyn, Angie:
      Great! I’ve gotten your details and will be communicating directly with you no later than end of this week. This is shaping up really well. 🙂

  4. cissy

    Count us in and thanks for organizing again.

  5. Anita

    Hi Suanne and Ben!

    Count me in! 🙂 Nice seeing both of you at Eat!

  6. LotusRapper

    Great idea Ben & Suanne. You know you can count us in.

    I think the 20th would work better for us than the 13th, but either one is workable.

    (hi Cissy, Henry, Tiffanie, Ed, Joseph ….. etc)

  7. Angel

    I’ve been following ur blog and would like to join!

  8. Simon

    Long time lurker but 1st time poster. I might be able to attend if work sends me out to Vancouver.
    Btw, have you done a review for food at the Richmond Night Market? I’ve never been but will be visiting it this year.

    1. Suanne

      Hi Simon: No, we had done review for the Richmond Night Market. We don’t plan to actually but since you asked, maybe we would. Anyway, we had put you down as tentative for the chowtimes dinner.

  9. Jonnek

    Any ideas for the restaurant choices? I assume it will be Chinese.

    1. Ben

      Hi Jonnek:
      I have three candidate places: a Korean, a Japanese and a Chinese. I have plans to make this a dinner with a difference and need to confirm the logistics with the restaurants. We had unexpected response. Can I put down your name for this event? Looks like we are looking at 20Jun (Sat) from the responses we got so far.

  10. LotusRapper

    If choosing between Chinese, Japanese and Korean, I vote Korean because it still has that “novelty” quotient for me and perhaps many of you too.

    However for somewhat large groups there’s other cuisines such as Persian or Afghan that are (still) in the minority in the Greater Vancouver culinary landscape that would be interesting. One example is The Afghan Horsemen (moved to new location at entrance of Granville Island) which has a real casual sit-on-floor (seriously) ambience that I find to be cool:

    Anyway I look forward to the gathering wherever it’s at 😀

  11. Jonnek

    Hi Ben,

    I was hoping to reserve a seat after you have announced the restaurant. Only if it’s not going to be too late. Thanks for the invite.

  12. Jeannette

    Oh Darn! I’m a fan of your blog from San Francisco. I happen to have a business trip to Richmond BC over weekend of July 10-12 (staying at the Radisson on Cambie Road). If I’m going to miss your foodie gathering in June, how about a recommendation for my July trip? From my last trip, I know I will definitely visit Sea Habour Village for Dim Sum. Any recommendation for nearby? I’ve got an adventurous palate and is open to any suggestion. Thank you!

  13. Danny

    I would like to attend the dinner. Please forward information to me. Thanks!

  14. WL

    Hi Ben and Suzanne,
    Two of us (my other half and I) would like to be included for the dinner.
    Please send me the details.

  15. Will

    Don’t post much, but read often. Will post more if I go based on your reviews.

    Just in case my email request hits your spam filters, please include me in your dinner and forward details, thanks.

  16. MammaViv

    Had I been in Vancouver during the meetup, I would have joined you. An avid “fan” of chowtimes, no doubt. Even having moved away from Van more than 1,5years ago, your blog still keeps me interested. Way to go, Suanne and Ben!

  17. Trudy

    Please count me in and email me when you have more details!!

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