Irashai Grill on West Pender, Vancouver

Updated: 6th May 2012; This restaurant is closed according to

ChowtimesNoWord32x32This post is written with a 15% discount from Irashai Grill.

Here are the better pictures that we had taken at Irashai during our first LIVE blog event.  You read the recording of the live blog on the Where Will Suanne and Ben Dine at 5:45PM blog entry.  It was truly an experience for us and was thankful to Irashai to have so gracefully invited us to do this and supported us so well in delivering it.  Wanted to say thanks to Danielle who helped put this together, Christing who were so patient waiting on us and also Ikoma the chef who gave us a glimpse of the artist at work.


We tried a lot of dishes.  If you were to ask us what is the one dish we like a lot, it is the one above … the Summer Roll.  This is created by Ikoma.  I was telling him that this beats Tojo’s BC Roll and California Roll by miles.  You should try it but do read about it on the live blog entry.

Here are some (boring) stats of the live event:

  • Total logged on to the event: 92
  • Total watched the event for more than 1 minute: 61
  • Total comments by readers: 89
  • Total comments by chowtimes: 169
  • Total images shown: 27
  • Total replays viewed as of 04Jun 8PM: 476

For those who logged on to the event, thanks … especially to those who help kept us entertained in between dishes.  There were a lot of new things we learned from the commenters.

Here are the rest of the pictures … enjoy.





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  1. Jonnek

    I still can’t believe you guys ate all of that. They all look so delicious.

  2. Kevin

    I just want to leave a comment about Irashai and their marketing.

    Their marketing has done a great job, like the say, any publicity is good publicity, even if it was bad, people will talk about it.

    This obviously wasn’t a normal dining experience, and it seems like no food blogger has had that at Irashai yet.

    All that’s been happening is the special foodie lunch, the openhouse, and this. This might seem a little rude, but did you pay for this meal? If so, that’s great.. but you still got obvious special treatment. That totally makes the review biased.

    I’m arguing the fact that food bloggers should remain anonymous, or at the very least be treated like any other regular customer, just so we can report a true experience of the restaurant. This way, any regular person can go in and experience what we experienced, wi

    It’s obvious that Irashai goofed on the Open House, big time.

    1. Suanne

      Hi Kevin: I want to state that we had preferential treatment at Irashai. Irashai supported us in doing our first live blog which we were grateful. Whether we paid for or not is also stated on the live blog … and it is not rude of you to ask that question. We did enjoy the food at Irashai, a lot. The Open House was poorly planned and executed from what I read. I just want to state also that Suanne and I do not consider ourselves as Michelin inspectors … we just blog about the food and experience we had (free food or otherwise). Truth be told … the chowtimes name is known to many restaurants and we do get quite a number of invites to do reviews which often ends up … well … with preferential treatment. Cheers! Ben

  3. Sofei

    I tried this restaurant a while ago and I love that they use brown rice for sushi and rolls! a bit healthier than white rice I think…

  4. Jenny

    The food looks amazing, I missed the live blog, but read it afterward, it seem like you had a awesome time. This place is definitely on my “Must Try” list.

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