New McDonalds Product – The Angus Third Pounders

Hi All:

Chowtimes were informed by McDonalds USA that they were launching a new burger nationwide yesterday. Please note that this is currently being launched in the US and not in Canada. Normally we would not be interested because it’s for the US but since they offered to provide us BOG (Be-Our-Guest) cards, we jumped on it and said yes.


The new products are called the Angus Third Pounders.  Obviously from the name itself it is large … a third larger than the quarter pounders.  As a matter of fact, this is the first new burger launch from McDonald’s since the Big N’ Tasty burger was added to the menu in 2001 … eight years ago.


The Angus Third Pounders are available in three offerings:  Deluxe, Bacon & Cheese and Mushroom & Swiss.  The big-big difference between this and the other McDonald’s burgers are the introduction of ingredients never seen before on a McDonald’s burger:

  • Red onion rings
  • Full slices of bacon
  • Sauteed murshrooms
  • Natural Swiss Cheese
  • Bakery-Style sesame seed roll

It seems like McDonalds is upgrading their burgers to offer a product for the serious burger aficionados and cater to an evolving taste.  Checking the web, the Angus Third Pounders were being tested for more than two years already and was available only in selected stores.


Suanne and I will be checking the McDonalds Angus Third Pounders out next week when we go to SEATAC to catch our flight for our vacation (Barcelona here we come!!).  We’ll write about it when we’re back in late July.

Like I said, this is a US nationwide launch for now.  We have quite a lot of coupons to give away to our readers.  We would love to give them away to our readers but will only send it to readers in Canada (not US, sorry).  Well, this will come in handy for Canadians who cross the border every now and then.  The BOG (Be Our Guest) coupons are good till the end of 2009.  If you want it, just email us an address to and we’ll mail a BOG card to you.  Again, we want to let you know your contact details is protected and neither would Suanne and I use the details for any purpose other than to send you the BOG cards.

** Note: Despite we having 15 McDonalds BOG coupons here, we expect more demand than supply.  We had overwhelming response for POM Wonderful’s coupons.  We had given out whatever we had and is waiting for POM Wonderful to revert on our request for more.

Drool on these pix … warning though, they are huge:


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  1. fatboy

    Like we don’t have enough overweight people in US and Canada

  2. LotusRapper

    No worries FatBot, Ben and Suanne are not even close to being overweight. But I know what you mean.

  3. Kevin

    Don’t worry Fatboy, I’ll take your coupon. 😀 I wouldn’t mind trying this out.

  4. Chiara

    Just a note Ben, last time I tried to use a McD’s coupon at LAX, the cashier refused the coupon and said all coupons are not valid at airport locations. It sounds like you might be trying your burger at SEATAC, I’d give them a call first or try a McD’s outside the airport if you have time! ^^ Wouldn’t want you to miss the free burger! 🙂 Have fun!

    1. chowtimes

      Oh wow, thanks for the tip, Chiara. Come to think of it, the coupon did say “participating restaurants only”. I can imagine with the new ingredients (bacon strip for example) they might not have it in all locations … particularly, smallish airport outlets.

  5. Tam

    This is new? I swear I had the Swiss and Mushroom Angus burger when I was in California last year. It was really big, I could only finish 2/3 of it.

    1. Ben

      Hi Tam: McD had this in some test markets. They are calling this new because they launched this nationwide on 01Jul only. Ben

  6. Ryan

    Hi Ben,

    Looks like I’m going to McD’s instead of the Tulalip casino on my next week shopping trip to the premium outlets. Tulalip is awesome btw.

    Have you happen to try the Cheddar Bacon Uncle Burger at A&W yet, and if so, how do they compare? It seems ALL fast food joints are going upscale with sirloin!


    1. Ben

      Hi Ryan:
      I would go for Tulalip’s buffet over McD’s burgers! We have not eaten fast food burgers for quite some time actually. Not that we are food snobs … far from it, we love burgers. BTW, I thought when I read the press release from McD, this burger is not made with sirloin.

  7. Roany Pony

    I want to know what is in the sause!!!!
    I lovethem

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