New Jules+Kent and Undercurrents Products from Mad About Food

We have more samples delivered to our home.

This time it came from Mad About Food. We heard of them before. They are the gourmet food gift basket company.


Over the long weekend, Suanne and I had a little project to put into practice a couple of practical tips of taking food pictures. We learned this from Sea Salt With Food whose site traffic stands head and shoulders above every Vancouver blogs we know from the strength of her pictures.  [So, Angie, how are these shots?]

The above is Vegetarian Antipasto on Savory Crackers. We topped it with Goat Cheese. Yummy.

This is always a Canadian entertaining appetizer staple. It had a savoury blend of vegetables and spices prepared in small batches. You can also add to pasta sauce or even use it as a sandwich spread, if you want.


We also had Tomato Chutney, similarly topped with Goat Cheese. The chutney has a pleasant, bright flavour.

It is versatile and is really intended to enhance pork, chicken and fish. You can also use this to cover the top of a wheel of brie and bake. That I got to try someday. How about blending this with cream cheese for an appealing appetizer?


Jules+Kent is the latest product line launched by Mad About Food. It is a range of specialty sauces that are locally-made.


Mad About Food also launched another range of “honey” products at the same time.


The Nutty Hazel Honey is great.  I had never tried nuts with honey before. It is organic BC hazelnuts combined with pure, unpasteurized Canadian honey. It is part of the new line of products called Undercurrents.

All these and more came in a nice practical gift basket like this.


Nicely wrapped with a ribbon. This sits on top of …


… a dim sum basket! It’s even in a size that we had at home so we can stack up another layer.


We also had Caramelized Onions to try. You can use this to create savoury hors d’ouevres … or add to baked potatoes, stews, soups and roast beef sandwiches.


Suanne cooked pork chop and use it there. This is versatile.

Thanks for the samples, Allyson and Paul!

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  1. Angie

    Hey Ben, Just my pics? Not recipes? (JK!) Btw, I’m not an expert on any photography but I can suggest you to change that plate on top. Maybe you can even take the pic without any plate? Good luck! 🙂

    1. Ben

      Oops. Sorry! I should have said your recipes too. Good tips for the pix. Truth be told, I first took the picture without the plate and the antipasto leaked to the paper – ruined it! Alright, time to go plate shopping.

  2. Bird Moses

    mmm I just tried the Vegetarian Antipasto and what a nice surprize. I got it for Christmas and really had no idea what it was so I googled it (hehe) and saw you site and found out what to eat it with. It has a nice hint of spice – not too hot and not too long…thanks!!

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