$2.95 Breakfast at Bon’s Off Broadway in Vancouver

Nanzaro loves camping. He signs up for every camp that he comes across. I don’t think he is bothered with what the camp is just as long as he goes camping. It could be leadership, survival, physical education, flying … anything. So over this long Thanksgiving weekend he was off again to another camp.

He needs to be at the Vancouver Meeting Point at 8:30AM. So we thought for once we take that long drive to Vancouver and have our breakfast before dropping him off.


I have heard so much about Bon’s off Broadway and of their $2.95 Breakfast which includes GST. I can’t think of any breakfast cheaper than Bon’s in Metro Vancouver other than IKEA’s $1 breakfast.

We planned to wake up extra early and be there at their opening time of 7AM. When we got there, we found out that they only open at 8AM on weekends. Well, there was no way we could have breakfast and then drive to Nanzaro’s drop off point on time. So, I suggested that we take him to breakfast in McDonalds or something, drop him off at the meeting point and then the rest of the family return for the breakfast in Bon’s.


Understandably, Nanzaro was upset because he was looking forward to the breakfast here. I had hyped it up the night before and shown him some pictures on the web.

So we ended up going to a nearby Tim Horton’s and got him a breakfast sandwich. And he insisted on having COFFEE to go with the sandwich, not hot chocolate. No siree. He is not going to take no for an answer because he was still fuming mad about not getting to eat at Bon’s. So we let him — that was about the only way to make it up to him.

We dropped him off. The moment he sees his friends, the whole issue was all behind him. LOL!
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Bon’s Off Broadway is located at the north intersection with Nanaimo. It is easy to locate, just look for the bright red sign and awning.


We got back to Bon’s at 10 minutes past their opening time, so there were some tables open. “Anywhere!” someone shouted the moment we walked in. So we grabbed one of the remaining three tables available. Our waiter asked if we wanted the menu. I guess most of the customers are regulars and therefore do not need a menu. We need it for sure.

Bon’s off Broadway is obviously a neighborhood restaurant. You really don’t need to dress up eating here. It is very casual and nothing pretentious. The decor is garish … with neon lights in odd places and old movie posters slapped all over the wall. No frills. We like the casualness.


We had coffee and hot chocolate. The are free refills but you should not expect them to come by your table regularly to fill it up for you. They are just too busy to do that even though they did fill it once for us. Many people just helped themselves with the refill. Truth be told, their coffee was nothing to shout about.


One would have thought that a $2.95 (including taxes!) breakfast would be just plain toasts and eggs but this is a full-on substantial breakfast served on a large plate.  Just look at that picture above. The only thing you should overlook is the fact that the plate is all greasy and that it is chipped — not one but in several places. LOL!

Service is slow. Our orders took over 30 minutes to arrive. We were OK with that because we had read reviews about this issue. To their defence, it is not that Bon’s service is slow but it’s just that there are a lot of tables to serve and breakfasts to prepare.

For $2.95 we got two eggs done anyway we want and a choice of … sausage, ham or bacon.


I got the sausage. The shape doesn’t look like the sausage that one would expect. The sausage was OK … just OK. At least this one has taste even though I find it a bit too salty for my liking.


Their home fries was awesome. The potatoes are chunked and unpeeled with skin on. I normally have ketchup with fries but with this, they are great as it is.


The toast was good too. It was toasted crisp with a tad bit of grease. So even for $2.95, they did not cut corners. This is a real delicious breakfast. I find that Bon’s $2.95 breakfast could easily put breakfasts from Denny’s and IHOP to shame in terms of satisfaction and most definitely price.

I would even venture to recommend that even it means you having to drive all the way here, you should at least do it once and check out Bon’s $2.95 Breakfast.


Arkensen ordered the Bacon Omelette. This one is $7 which is more like normal prices, unlike the ridiculously cheap $2.95 Breakfast. Arkensen enjoyed this. Since Suanne could not steal the toast from my breakfast, she swiped them from Arkensen’s plate.


Suanne’s order was the French Toast which costs $4. There are three slices. Suanne find them eggy. I think she is just too used to the HK Cafe Style of French Toast which uses less eggs.


The total bill came up to just $17.40 before tips. This is a no frills restaurant famed for their $2.95 breakfast. You should come without expecting too much in terms of table service and such.

We can see now why Bon’s off Broadway is popular the way it is. We will definitely come back again even if it means driving almost 30km from Richmond. We will make it up to Nanzaro.

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  1. k

    my boyfriend loves this place! i enjoy it on occasion, but it is a bit dingy. my usual order is the breakfast special, no meat, with a pancake on the side instead of toast. greasy, but good.

  2. Julie

    This is absolutely one of my favorite places to chill 🙂 Everyone knows everyone and it’s just so chill. It’s a bit rundown looking … but that’s what makes it so chill. It is a bit greasy (and I think the sausages are like that because they cut them in half so to speed up the cooking time) but it’s super filling! I never leave on an empty stomach.
    Glad you guys liked it though! Take the skytrain next time.. it’ll be like an adventure!

  3. Dora

    I’ve been following your blog from some time and I think it’s awesome! However, quite recently it seems that it is getting caught in China’s internet censorship filters…before last month I was still able to access your blog without using a proxy but now that is no longer the case. Do you perhaps know why and if it is a problem that can be fixed? It is just extremely inconvenient having to search out a proxy server each time I want to visit your site.

    1. Suanne

      Hi Dora:
      Thanks for the feedback. I just tried accessing from Shanghai and it seems like you are right. We did not notice previously but now that you mentioned it, the traffic from China is kind of low from what we were used to. Anyway, I had sent in a support ticket to my web hosting company hoping they may have a solution. I am just thinking that maybe its because I have a shared IP with a China-censored site which is affecting chowtimes too.

  4. Monkeysmile

    My friend and I heard about Bon’s, East Van institution. I was super-excited to go, but ended up leaving the moment we sat down. I know, maybe we left too hastily, but the tables and seats felt “sticky” and dirty. Maybe I was being too chicken.

    1. Ben

      I don’t blame you, Monkeysmile. Bon’s is not a kind of place for everyone. After all, they serve $2.95 breakfasts so you can imagine what you could expect.

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